7 Great Photo Organizing Programs for Windows

Digital photography is great. After all, there’s no more wondering what pictures look like, no more waiting for processing and virtually no limit to how many photos can be taken. With all this convenience comes a lot more photos than anyone in the past could have imagined possible, creating an organizational nightmare for many computer owners. To help get control over a wealth of digital images, try one or more of the following 7 great photo organizing programs for Windows.

1. Picasa

Offered for free by Google, Picasa is one of the best and most popular programs for organizing photographs. This program uses facial recognition technology to help categorize photos based on the people who are in them, making it easy to sort through thousands of images at a time. Picasa also spiders computer hard drives to make sure all the photos on a computer are indexed so users don’t have to miss out on any of them.

Once indexed and tagged, Picasa can easily edit and then share photos from a computer to a user’s online web album, making it a full featured unified platform for online and local use.

2. Windows Live Photo Gallery

This program comes as part of the Windows Live Essentials package and is therefore available as a free download from Microsoft. The goal of this program seems to be to mimic Google’s Picasa. It too, has powerful editing features that can be used to make needed adjustments. After editing, users can share selected images to their online albums for the benefit of friends and family members.

3. Ulead Photo Explorer

This low-cost commercial program is a popular solution for organizing photographs on a home computer. It comes highly rated for use with both digital cameras and scanners to collect, sort, rate, tag, label and edit all photographs and images. This computer installs as a localized application and then shares photos to online photo services, email and other media. Learn more from here.

4. Corel Photo Album

From one of the oldest names in computer imaging software comes Corel Photo Album, a full featured photo editing and organization program. This program comes with a good selection of tools to sort, tag, and label images, although it only supports only a few file formats, while other programs support dozens. Still, the program has some features such as borders, drop shadows and frames that other programs in its class may not offer.

5. Photoshop Elements

Adobe offers this program that shares a name similar to its professional Photoshop image editing program. As an Adobe program, Photoshop elements includes powerful features that make it an attractive and cost effective alternative to its pricey cousin. Use Photoshop Elements to great different albums, add searchable keywords and special layouts for sharing, sorting and organizing.

6. SunlitGreen Photo Manager

This free application is another popular application that helps users navigate their computers to find photographs from months and years gone by. This program allows users to tag photos and add keywords while moving and rearranging their photos. Learn about SunlitGreen Photo Manager.

7. ACDSee Photo Manager

The software program, ACDSee Photo Manager is a full-featured photo editor with a management suite that makes organizing years of photographs a breeze. This program allows users to make slide shows, screen savers, flash videos, PDF files and other files and formats to make sharing photos fast and fun.

There are literally dozens of photo organizing programs for Windows, but the 7 listed here are the best ones to start with when looking for one that will help you get control over all the images that are on your computer.

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James Adams writes and is an editor at Cartridge Save, suppliers of the HP ink cartridges.

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  1. Megadino :

    Another one application is worth to be mentioned here is Phototheca(http://lunarship.com)
    This is free software what let to organize photo collection in many ways – photos can be arranged into Events and Albums, tags(keywords) can be assigned to photos. Photos can be displayed on Calendar or Timeline with scrolling forth and back in time. There are some search capabilities as well. Another interesting feature – is automatic duplicates detector – shows duplicated photos and their original locations after photos are imported into Phototheca.
    I’m using this program to keep my large photo collection (near 25K images) in order and it works quite well.

  2. Anton :

    Hi, thanks for the good article! Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery are free and worth a try. Have worked with both, like WLPG more, since Picasa has some unusual interface what confusing me. Now use free photo organizing program Phototheca (www.lunarship.com) – it’s really something fresh and cool after years of old software. Looks like Mac’s software but works on Windows.

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