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Have you ever wondered what others are saying on Twitter about certain Web pages that you visit? Do you like to keep up with Twitter conversations about your favorite brands, businesses or your own website? Are you looking for an easy way to tweet about the page you’re on?

It can be a pain keeping up with tweets in a tab or app, while viewing a Web page in another tab. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a simple tool that allows you to do both in the same tab/window?

Well, you can do all the above with a tool called Embedle.

What is Embedle?

Embedle is a Web tool that does three things:

  • Lets you see what others are tweeting about the Web page you’re on.
  • Lets you start and join Twitter conversations about brands and websites.
  • Rewards you for being a top fan of your favorite websites, but only if Embedle is integrated with the website.

How to Use Embedle

1. Embedle can be activated via a bookmarklet that you drag to your bookmarks bar. You’ll see it on the front of the home page.

Drag the Embedle Bookmarklet to Your Bookmarks Bar

Once you drag it to your bookmarks bar, you can navigate to any Web page or just browse as you normally would.

2. When you’re on a Web page that you want to see related tweets for, just click on the Embedle bookmarklet to bring up the Embedle sidebar; you should see it pop up on the left side of the page.

3. In the sidebar you will see all tweets related to that page. When you hover over a tweet, you’ll see that you can expand tweets, reply, retweet and add tweets to your favorites.

Reply Retweet and Favorite Tweets in the Embedle Sidebar

4. If you want to send out a tweet about the page, click in the “Compose new Tweet…” box in the sidebar or use the compose button at the top of the sidebar; you’ll see a tweet box pop up.

5. In the “Start a Tweet Conversation” box you can enter your text and choose to tweet it now or later, which makes Embedle a great tool for scheduling tweets as well.

Send out a tweet or schedule tweets with Embedle

Note: Your tweeting schedule can be changed by clicking on the clock icon next to the “tweet  later” button. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete tweets that are in your queue, so schedule wisely!

Embedle Tweeting Schedule

6. Keep on browsing, clicking on the bookmarklet and seeing what others are saying on Twitter. Feel free to start your own conversation (if there are no tweets related to the page) and reply to others (if there are related tweets).

Final Thoughts

Embedle is extremely easy to use and unobtrusive. If the sidebar gets in your way, you can easily hide it by clicking on the arrow in the top right of the bar.

Since Twitter is such a popular social network for Web conversations, it’s great to have a tool that allows you to easily keep up in your browser. Plus you can use Embedle to meet new people and even see what people are saying on Twitter about your own website.

Last, but not least, you can also send and schedule tweets with Embedle – a huge plus. So will you use Embedle to keep up with Twitter conversations or do you prefer using a Twitter app?

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