Insert Signature of Your Own Hand Writing into Word Document

Microsoft Office Word is a versatile office application that majority of the people use. If you use it to create bills for your company or compose letters for your office work, you might be wondering about inserting a signature of own hand writing. The feature, inserting a signature line in your Word document is already available in Microsoft Office. You can insert a signature from Insert > Signature Line from the top-left corner of the ribbon.

How much the signature feature is genuine to use

You can use this signature feature in two various purpose:

1. Create your document in Microsoft Office Word and insert the signature of your own so that you wont have to sign using a pen after printing the document out.

2. If your business involves a large number of deals with email, you can use this signature feature to prove your ingenuity to the receiver.

Lets take a quick view on how to place signature in your own hand writing into a Word document.

In order to insert the signature, make sure to have the signature file with you. It can be created easily by scanning your signature and then saving the file as PNG file. Make sure the background of the signature is transparent. It will make the sign looking like you’ve originally signed it.

After getting the file ready, open Office Word and select the area where you want to insert the signature then click Insert > Signature Line. A message appears.

You should click OK to continue. Now the signature setup dialog box appears. In this box, put the name of the signer (you), designation and email address.

Clicking on the OK button will create the signature box in your document and you are ready put your signature in this area.To put the signature, double click on the area and the following message appears asking you to save the document at first.

After saving the document it will bring the box where you can sign by typing your name or selecting your image file which contains your own hand writing.

Once you complete the process, the document will be finalized.Keep in note that any type of editing after the signature line is not allowed. So make sure to insert the signature line at the very end of your document. If you try to forcefully add any line after the signature, Microsoft Word will automatically delete the signature line.

Conclusion: This feature in Microsoft Office Word helps you to keep your identity with your documents and it is unique as the signatures you create here are digital. Every signature has its own key format, validation duration and many other certification properties. Therefore, you can catch if somebody tries to duplicate your signature.

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    For signature i use Brandmymail ( ), which has full control over email signature and overall template :)

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