How to Turn Off or Disable Notifications in Google Plus

Unlike Facebook, Google plus has a good notification system. If you are using Google plus, you can verify it yourself. Every time your friends or followers in google plus add you in their circle(s), mention you in any comment, tag you within any photo or share any post with you; you will get a email notification at your email address related to your Google plus account.

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While this feature makes a great sense for the notification purpose, over time, you would be exhausted with those bulk email messages. Why would you make your inbox cluttered with those junk emails while you can get the notifications in your G+ account itself ?

So, it is better that you turn off the notifications in your Google plus profile to avoid the notification emails in your inbox.

How to Turn Off or disable Notification messages in Google plus profile

You can customize the notification settings from your Google+ account settings. Here is how to do that.

1. Sign-in to Google plus and click on the name at the top-right corner of the page and choose “Account settings”.

2. Now head to Google+ from the left side bar and you will get the page where you can set the delivery preferences.

3. The page itself speaks how to turn off or disable the notification message, just deselect the checkbox to stop the notifications for the corresponding action.

It is pretty enough to say that you can customize the above page to get rid from the notification emails in your Gmail inbox but you will receive the notifications in your Google plus profile as same as before.

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Some time, specific posts in your Google plus profile goes in a long conversation. Whenever anyone posts any comment on that post, re-share that or +1 that, you will get the notification in your Google plus account. If you want to get rid from such notifications for specific post, you can mute it from your Google plus profile.

1. Click on the notification drop-down menu and select the post for that you want to stop the notifications.

2. The notification window contains a link “Mute this post”. Click on that link.

3. That’s all you need to do. The notification for that post is now disabled which means that it won’t show any further notification when the post gets a new comment or any other activities. After muting a particular post, the post will look like this:

Alternatively, you can stop the notifications for a selected post from the Google plus stream. Click on the Arrow button at the right side of the post.

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Now, click Block this post. The notifications for that particular post will be muted and you will not get any further notification message for that.

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  1. D :

    I would love to know how to delete a Notification. Do they just stay there forever or are they eventually removed automatically?

    • Blerp :

      I wish i could disable notifications that dont even concern me at all, i keep getting update notifications of people that made a reply to someone else, sure i once posted on the subject but why the hell does that make me have to get notifications for every single goddamn person who does also without even mentioning me, or adress me to begin with.

  2. Tanmay :

    Google plus is in project phase now and things may be changed later. But for now, it seems that the notifications stay there.

  3. D :

    Thank you for your help Tanmay.

  4. Suhanesh Madav @ Tips Online :

    Thanks yar, I was really looking for this one.Just tried new Google Plus but too much updated from my circles disturbing me

  5. dhaval :


  6. Wajahat :

    These notifications are very annoying. I used a browser extension to disable the button itself.

  7. Rick Vidallon :

    Thanks for the post. Make perfect sense that someone who is ‘not’ a Google employee can explain things better than a Google employee.

  8. Online PC support :

    hello i found your website today and I have read some awesome posts over here. I just wanna thanks you for sharing..keep posting

  9. Jack Vinson :

    Any chance it is possible to turn off the G+ Notification indicator when I am in other Google properties? For example, I don’t want to see the RED box when I am in Gmail.

  10. Rosalyn :

    My friend and I have been having a problem where we share photos to “extended circles” and some but not all of the people in the extended circles get a notification email of the photo shares. How do we turn that off?!? I can’t find any assistance with it anywhere.

  11. Mehrdad :

    I was searching to find, “How to clear the Notifications in the Google bar?” and I got your answer above. I was wondering if you know a way to clear the notifications in the Google bar.

  12. Andrew :

    I dont like getting a notification every time someone comments on a post that I commented on, but want to be notified when someone +1s my comment or makes a comment to or about me.

  13. Bek @ Just For Daisy :

    Thanks! Very helpful! Have shared with my circles on G+

  14. PAresh PAtel :

    hello.. sir.. my google+ account e-mail notification setting not saved.. e-mail check box setting not saved.. when i saved at that time it saved but google+ continue send me notification e-mail.. and my inbox is full of 50,000 -60,000 e-mail notification… plz help me… thank you very much in advance…

  15. Johnny :

    I followed these directions again and I still get lots of email notifications, especially from communities. Makes me want to delete my G+ account cause the notifications are overwhelming. I have deselected everything and still get email notifications. Frustrating.

  16. Yo :

    Johnny's right.
    Google keeps spamming with their G+ notifications even when everything is unticked under email.
    Even the one person I know that works for Google has no clue on how to properly use G+ and hates it because of this.
    Go Google! :-(

  17. Alicia :

    It is very stupid not be able to delete private messages. I blocked someone for a reason. I don’t want to keep seeing their messages.

  18. Awua :

    I don’t want to see any garbage from G+. And I mean NONE. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.

    Those scumbags forced me to tie my Youtube account to their G+. The least the vermin at Google can do is not subject me to endless posts from people I don’t know and don’t want to know, much less endure the stupid thing they vomit everywhere.

    Even when I turn off all notifications, everywhere they have their garbage forced on us, I still have that stupid bell, and I can’t DELETE one f***ing post from the page! I can’t even select all them and get the garbage off my page in one go.

    How f***ing dare they post whatever garbage they want to my page, that can be looked at by any garbage out there? It violates my privacy to have my personal online life linked to and accessible to any moron who wants it!

    I shouldn’t have anything on my G+ page, except a placeholder page with my ID, which exists only to demonstrate that I was forced to have their G+ which I did not want.

  19. User 4658 :

    Does not end notifications from a group page, no matter how many suggestions. Better to get a new Gmail account.

  20. Lai-Lai :

    Despite disabling notifications, I still receive them from replies to comments on Youtube.

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