How To Share Post Updates on Twitter From Google Plus

If you recently joined Google plus and don’t want to move away from Facebook and Twitter right now, you can use your Google plus profile to update status or share your posts in Facebook and Twitter without leaving Google plus. Few days back, I have already covered an article on how to share posts on Facebook from Google plus. Here is the same for Twitter.

The same trick is applicable for the Twitter as same as the Facebook – the email uploading system which is available for both Facebook and Twitter.

However, you can also use the extended share plugin to share posts in Google plus and Twitter at the same time. But this did not impressed me too much as it requires to be installed in each browser you use and currently it is available only for Google chrome. That means using of browser plugin makes the process browser dependent.

What I am going to discuss is totally browser as well as platform independent. You can share your posts right from the Google plus to Twitter from any browser, any platform.

How to share Google plus posts in Twitter automatically

Twitter allows you to update your Twitter timeline by sending an email to a secret address which is uniquely assigned for your Twitter account. So, what you’ll have to do first is go to TwitterMail and sign-in with your Twitter account credentials.

Now, head to the Twittermail tab and you can find a button to setup your Twittermail account. Simply, press the button.

The Twitter setup page contains various parameters that you can configure and personalize as you like for your Twitter account.

At first, notice that there is a unique email address has been assign for you to send the updates. So, keep it secret to avoid unwanted twitter updates from other people. You can also chose the email address as your own choice, just make sure that no one can guess that address.

You can also decide to share images with your twitter friend through that email address. Enable the option Post an attached image to Twitpic and you are done! If you send any image to that address, it will automatically upload that image in TwitPic and provide a link to that image at your Twitter post.

Next, you can set the cut off phrase. You can also decide whether the Subject, Message body or both to be posted as your update in Twitter.

Once you are done, save the setting and quit from the page.

Applying the trick in Google plus

Now, whenever you wish to share some thing in Twitter from your Google plus profile, just add that email address in the visibility box along with other circle(s) and share the post as usual.

To avoid the tedious job of typing every time the email address, create a circle with name as Twitter Share (you can make it as your own) and add that secret Twittermail address at that circle.

Now, just choose the Twitter Share circle from the drop down menu while selecting the visibility of your Google plus post.

This technique works as same as the previous one for sharing Google plus posts with Facebook friends automatically.

Do you know any other trick(s) to share Google plus posts with Twitter automatically? – Do share with us.

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  1. Willex :

    Hello, I noticed on a test tweet that twitter actually posts a statement containing your twittermail email account. You mentioned that one can send unwanted twitter updates posts should they know your twittermail address. Is there away to remove the announcement of the twitermail email address? Thanks

  2. jason :


    Just choose the SUBJECT setting only in the “what to tweet” option drop down. I had the same issue with it showing my twittermail address & this worked for me.

    Good Luck

  3. Bjarne :

    YES – I noticed that behavior as well – NOT USABLE – it reveals the twittermail allowing for other to spam your twitter account. Needs a way for G+ to resend only the posting without all the garbage they currently put around it :(

  4. Tanmay :

    @Bjarne: Jason gave the solution. Try it and let me know if it worked for you?

  5. Erik :

    Choosing Subject from the drop down solved the issue for me as well.

  6. Ana :

    Is there any possibility to do it another way round? From Twitter to G+?

  7. dlg99 :

    It does not add a link to original post on Google+. Twitter message ends with “…” and there is no way to jump to original full post.
    Has anyone figured how to fix this?

  8. Eleonora :

    Limited to 50 characters and no link to G+ post (which I actually find a bonus).

    I also found I need to share manually with the email address rather than with the circle, but that’s better for me.

  9. Jennah :

    Thanks for tip on subject line only. I had tried using the cut-off text feature using “you received this mail because…” (the automatic text that Google appends).
    I’m having the same link problem though, it doesn’t include the link to the content I am trying to share.

  10. Andrew :

    I can’t get this to work, for some unknown reason! Twittermail emails work when I send them through gmail, but not google+, so I suspect that it is a settings issue, but not sure what or where? Any suggestions, please?

  11. mnx.mhmd :

    with this trick now I can post like a chain 😉
    Google+ > twitter > facebook

  12. Chris :

    I’ve set this up as per instructions, but it only seems to work properly if I type the Twittermail address into the share box. If I select the circle that the Twittermail address is linked to, it doesn’t share.
    Any thoughts?

  13. Travis :

    look for the check the box: ” also email 1 person not yet using google+” after you add the twitter share circle. it will send the message to twitter after you check it. the mobile app will not send to twitter as this “check box” requirement isnt available on the mobile (iphone) app :(

  14. Dave :

    Couple of things I’ve found.

    1. If you end your Google+ post with a double return that activates the default cut off

    2. As stated above I had to send to the email address and not the Twitter/Facebook circle I created. which is a pain because the iPhone app doesn’t have that functionality yet – so I had to use Safari to browse to the mobile version.

  15. Darren :

    Nopictures are going to twitter…the settings look correct…help?

  16. dlg99 :

    switched to – much better option to post updates from g+ to twitter

  17. Darren :

    How is configured, their sites states the G+ API is not available ?

  18. dlg99 :

    via RSS
    1. click on g+ profile, get url like is RSS feed with your g+ updates
    3. use that feed url as a source for

    pretty much that’s it.

  19. Darren :

    Thanks, I managed to get it working, although the messages on fb and twitter seem very short and truncated, is there a character maximum?

  20. Paul :

    I can get it to post but no photo posting. Any way to get Google Plus to send the photos?

  21. Freeformz :

    This seems to work better:

  22. Alan :

  23. Marcos :


    how can I do the opposite …. from facebook twitter to Google+ ???

  24. Warren :

    I use and trigger twitter updates when an item in my G+ RSS feed has a specific tag in it (I use #twt). I use the same tool to post at Facebook (#fb) and LinkedIn (#in) too.

  25. Serkan Yilmaz :

    I use for Searching User- Tweet RT and Favorite listing and deletion – Unfollower finding an deletion. Even the site is new, it works well!

    Site also allows you to see any twitter user’s (included yours) unfollowers, followers and followings without login.

    Of course it’s free and unlimited!

  26. Blondy :

    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll celrtinay make note of that.

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