How to Send Direct Message or Private Message in Google plus

From Facebook to Twitter, folks are habituated with sending direct messages to their friends and followers. In both Twitter and Facebook, there is a clear option of sending the direct message. But if you are trying to find this feature in Google plus, you won’t.

I was telling about enabling private messages in Google plus in my previous article which is not enabled in Google plus profile by default. It will let people to send you an email within from Google plus without knowing your email address. Therefore, you cannot send a private message to some friend if he/she did not enable the Send an email option in his/her profile.

Though the direct messaging is not included in Google plus universally, you can somehow send a direct message to any one, provided that your friend have added you in atleast one of his circles in Google plus.

Let’s take a quick view on how to send a direct message or private message to anyone in Google plus.

1. Compose the message that you want to send in the share box at your Google plus steam.

2. Now you can fix the visibility for that message from the visibility box. In general, the visibility is selected to one of your circle or anything else that you selected before.

Make sure to remove that visibility entry from the box and type +your friend name. This will show the friends with that name in drop-down box as suggestion. You can select the desired person to whom you want to send that message.

3. Once you select the person, the visibility box should look something like this:

4. Click on the Share button and your message will be shared with that particular friend.

5. If you look at the above screenshots, you can view that I have added only one friend to share the massage. But if you want to add multiple persons in the queue where you want to send your message, you can add them by typing their profile name after the + sign.

If you selected one person, the message can be read only by that particular friend in your Google plus profile. No other people will be able to read the message. In case of selecting multiple people, only the people you selected can read your message.

After sharing the message, you can check back whether you have sent the message to the proper person or not. To ensure, click on the link “Limited” and you will find the people with whom you shared the message.

Sending your message by mentioning the visibility will keep the message private from other friends in your Google plus circle. Hence, you can still enjoy the privacy of your message with the above tricks though Google plus does not have the Direct message option like Facebook and Twitter.

Are you using Google plus? If so then you might also like to invite your Facebook friends in Google plus.

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  1. Keith J. :

    However it appears that if you merely mention another individual in the message that they too will be able to read it. What if you are trying to gossip… er… plan a surprise party for someone and don’t want them to see it even if they are mentioned? I think I read it right on Google’s page at least… See here:

  2. AJ :

    I also +tag their name in the body of the message so it shows up as a notification as well. If you private message certain people a lot like business partners or your mother, it might be good to add a circle with just them as a member so you can filter them individually within your streams.

  3. Tanmay :

    Keith J: Yes! You read the correct thing. Hope Google will concentrate on this issue. Thanks for the link.

  4. bobbarker :

    @keith j. @Tanmay: if you simply say a person’s name in google+ that technically isnt “mentioning” that person. you have to add either:
    +[persons name] or @[persons name] to “mention” them, and that would be the only way that person would see a post that wasnt originally shared with them.

  5. Tanmay :

    @Bobbarker: Yeah…The exact way to mention some body in Google plus message. But the issue here that there should be an option to block notifications to the mentioned people for privacy, right?

  6. Mihir :

    its awesome idea, but DM or Inbox is always better 😛

    • ZEROEROR :

      Agreed, also email works in a pickle where you need a fast, simple way to communicate.
      its less complicated, and its really so simple and fast!!!! thanks tho this still helped for me, and other google plus users im sure :) :) :) ;0 ;0 😉 😉 😉

  7. Cke :

    Actually DM is available on G+ if you would just take the time and learn how to work it you might would know how.

  8. Beyond Organic :

    I played with your advice, and then realized that if I @name at the beginning of the message, I get the dropdown and the name appears at the bottom just as you said. I wouldn’t have figured this out without you and am glad it works.

  9. Daniel :

    Hi guys, I was also using the +name option in the circles field to dm. Anyways, it’s always a mess to find these messages again. Do you have any idea how to find a message that’s two weeks old and not in a circle?
    I’ve started to use a dm-circle for my direct messages, so I can find them, but still this is messy and not a cool way…

    Also nice to learn the @ feature in the comments here! Thx Cke

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  11. Kevlyn :

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  13. Beck :

    How can I send text messages on google that my husband can’t find out about. Reg messaging shows up on our phone bill. Thanks for any help. Beck

  14. aloe :

    lol, Beck. Too funny. It’s easy, you just make a second account with an alternate persona ha ha.

  15. Vitas :

    And this is what you consider a private mssaging? You have got to be kidding us. The MAIN reason why we use messages on facebook is that it is NOT in the news feed and it is in its own separated place so the addressed person will see it no matter how many friends he/she has and how much crowded his/her wall is. When I send somebody a private message I really want him to read it so honestly do you regularly read yeverything on your facebook or google plus wall? I can tell you that I don’t because there is too much of it and I don’t have that much time. I have created lists like “educating” and “fun” and put people and fan pages into it and I occasionally browse their content. If somebody sent me a message this way I would surely miss it. Only the + sign could work maybe. And I am not talking about the lack of inbox, outbox folders for me to be able to see whom did I write a private message or who wrote to me. Correct me if I am wrong.

  16. Aloe :

    Vitas, I get a red “notification” on the top of my screen with a drop down box if I click on it. Also, a notification on my phone. So it is not just in the feed, but rather, is a dm.

  17. citylinks :

    In compose no sending option only discard option is there

  18. citylinks :

    there no sing out

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  20. Dentist Cambridge :

    this really annoys me compared to facebook – really dont understand why they dont include DM….

  21. LoWang :

    it would understandable if there was a button to send email to gmail as probably everybody using G+ also use gmail, but this is also strangely hidden or has to be activated somehow…

  22. Sharon G. Wilson :

    Thank you for taking the time to show such amazing detail and make the internet a friendlier and safer place for all of us.

  23. Techiestuffs :

    Thanks a lot for this but…I have a doubt…will the receiver receives the Notification about the share ???

  24. Sam Watkins :

    You can use the ‘chat’ feature in google plus (now).

  25. neesey :

    what about responses and further messages in the same thread to the same person, are they automatically private DMs or do you need to type “+friend’s name” each time? Do they also have to type “+your name” for their responses to you to be private?

  26. Rand W :

    Like already posted, i’m having trouble FINDING that DM days after i sent it. It seems like G+ just isnt really setup for direct messaging.. Unless I’m just missing/not finding it..

  27. ZEROEROR :

    Sorry I must type something. I think its pretty useful, although there are quicker ways out there to communicate online. But I will give you thumbs up to this:
    For users who only have Google Plus, its super helpful, and a need in everyday life, then again though, a much faster way to talk online is email. No offense or hate, just saying 😛

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