How to Search eBooks in Google Search Engine

There are times when you really want a deep knowledge on the particular field you work on or you just want to learn a new thing. If you have an internet connection then you would like to get some free ebooks on your subject and go through them.

Tip: Convert a Blog into eBook to Read Offline.

You can also grab some ebooks from various writers on a particular subject from the internet. Again, most printed version of books from famous authors are also available in form of e-book including .pdf, .epub, .chm, .cbr, .djvu. So you can wish to take a quick reference from the internet for your study purpose.

Google search engine is the place where you can search for everything you want. Simply typing the name for any ebook will show mixed results in the Google search result page and it is difficult to pick the exact book up that you want.

But using some special Google search operators, you can easily get the exact e-book as you wish. Here are three best queries for searching ebooks in Google.

1. Use intitle operator: Any search query with the intitle operator searches for the keyword into those web pages where it belongs at the Title tag (<title>…</title>) instead of taking all pages in count. For instance, this query will show those web pages which have the word ‘golden book’ in their title tag.

intitle:golden book

Infact, you can also specialize your search queries using the intitle operator to find out the directory listing of the web servers which stores the ebooks.  For example, if you want to search ebooks which are .djvu formatted and published by Mcgraw Hill then here is the query:

intitle:index.of?djvu Mcgraw Hill

Here are some more examples to find out ebooks on particular subject and format on Google.

intitle:index.of?djvu cancer
intitle:index.of?chm Black Hole

In short, you can use a serch query on Google to find out the ebooks on specific format and subject.

intitle:index.of?file_extension subject_name

2. Use allinurl operator: The allinurl operator finds out the web pages which contain the keyword in their URL. For instance, the following query will show those web pages which have Java in their URL.


Thus, if you want to find out the pdf version of a ebook titled as ‘A complete reference for Java’ then the following query can help you.

allinurl: pdf "A complete reference for Java"

Google crawls all the pages in the web and it also find the ebooks when crawling. So the above command will find out the webpages which have the phrase ‘A complete reference for Java’ and pdf in their URL. This very interesting that you will get your ebook in PDF format.

3. Use Google Phrase search and + operator: The Google phrase search operator allows you to find out the web pages which contain the exact phrase that is enclosed by double quotations. For example, the following query will find out all the web pages which contain exactly the phrase ‘A complete reference for Java’.

"A complete reference for Java"

The + operator searches all the pages in the web which have exactly the word prefixed by +. As you may know that Google also considers the synonyms of a keyword. But in the case it differs and consider only the exact match, no synonyms.

For an example, the following query will find out those page which have the term ‘Java’ and both of the word ‘reference’ and its synonyms.

reference +Java

Interestingly, you can combine both the Google Phrase operator and the + plus operator to optimize your search result. Here is the query which can easily find out ebook as your specific choice:

+("index of") +free +("/ebooks"|"/ebook") +(rar|pdf|chm|zip) +networking

You are free to specialize your search by adding more specific terms. Hope this helps you a lot to find free ebooks on Google. Any suggestion is always appreciated.

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