How to Remove Unwanted Ads from Android

Android users must be facing too many ads while browsing Internet, Android market. Advertisements are the way app by which the developer gets paid and we should support them by purchasing apps, premium services or donating. The only time frustration gets bigger is when ads start showing while gaming or working on a document or webpage. It’s quite irritating for some of my friends and they told me to find a way to remove all ads when browsing internet or hunting for any app in Android Market. I recently discovered a few great tricks and apps that can keep ads away from Android platform but it need to be rooted. Few apps like AdFree and AdAway are only available and working on rooted Android device. Removing ads on rooted device is much easier than removing ads on a non-rooted device.

1. AdFree: This is a freely available app on Android Market but works only on rooted Android devices. The app is pretty simple to install and configure, it blocks all ads on Android Market, Apps and browser. Just head to Android Market and Tap on “Download and Install Hosts” to download the app then install. You can configure more advanced settings to tweak it further for better experience. I suggest AdFree as it does not download the ads, thus save bandwidth and resources.
AdFree for Android to block ads

2. Start using the Latest Firefox 4 for Android and Adblock Plus Ad filter on it: Firefox has already launched their latest browser for Android platform. Firefox 4 supports add-ons and thus you can install Adblock Plus adfilter to avoid all ads while surfing internet. Once Adblock finishes installing on Firefox, it lets you select a Filter based on your Country from a list. You can also allow some websites to show ads, just tap on the web Favicon and you will find a button to disable Adblock on that website.

Adblock for FireFox 4 block ads

3. AdAway: AdAway is another great open source free app for blocking ads on Android using the host files. You will need a Rooted Android device to use this app, just head to Android Market and install it. Start the app and you will find a button “Download files and apply ad blocking”, tap it. It will automatically download host files and install it on your device. You will need to reboot your phone once all settings are done. This app will disable and block ads from Android Market, browser and apps.

AdAway for Android

AdAway and AdFree are great way to avoid and block ads on Android Market on Rooted Android devices. For people who do not want to root but want to block ads there are very fewer options as it works only on the Firefox browser. You can install Adblock Filter on Firefox 4 and block ads on browser. You will not be able to block ads on Apps, games, Android browser, Android market without rooting your phone.

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