How To Hide Files Behind JPEG Image

Hiding files by some sort of software has been a very common way till now, but if you are looking for something different you can do it by hiding a file behind a jpg image. We have written two more Articles about hiding files or folders in Windows XP. A handy and secured way to Hide Files and Folders in Windows XP and Hide Files or Folders in the Command Prompt in Windows XP.

It is a quite secured way to hide a file behind JPEG image because none will think about the existence of a file inside a jpg image. It is also free from the hazards of installing those software and consequently nobody will notice there is a secret file hidden behind a jpg picture file.

But here I am going to introduce another interesting way. You can use this simple trick to hide any kind of file like txt, mp3, exe, avi or whatever else. Besides this you can hide multiple number of files behind a single jpg file. When any one will see the picture he/she will just consider it as a picture and even if he/she double click on it then the picture will be opened as normal. Isn’t it sounds interesting?

To execute this task you must need WinZip or WinRar to be installed in your PC. You can download it absolutely free from internet. I have described the whole process here.

How to hide the files behind JPEG image

Step 1. Create a folder anywhere in your PC e.g. C > Softslas and keep all the files you want to hide as well as the jpg image you will use to keep that files in.

Step 2. Just select all the files you want to hide, and by right clicking on them select the option of add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only compress the files you want to hide, not the jpg image. Lets name it as “Secret.rar”.

You’ll see that there is those files, the jpg image and a compressed archive named Secret.rar inside the folder Softslas.


Step 3. Now i will tell you how to make the trick.Click on Start menu, click Run and type “cmd” (without the inverted commas), press enter and you will see the command prompt window has been opened. Type cd to get into the root directory and again type cd followed by the folder’s name you want to hide i.e. “cd Softslas”. Now you are inside the directory C > Softslas>.

Step 4. Suppose the jpg image have name of “Image.jpg”. Type the following line

copy /b Image.jpg + Secret.rar Image.jpg

(Omit the quotes) and press enter.You will get a response in the command prompt like below.hide-files-behind-image2

Be sure that the compressed file has the extension of . ZIP or .RAR. As I have heard about some problems people faced while using WinZIP, I recommend you to use WinRAR instead of WinZIP.

That’s all you have to do. Now you have a jpg image with your secret files inside it. If you check the picture size you will see it has been increased by same size that was of the compressed archive. Now you can the delete the . RAR file and the file1 and file2.

How to access the hidden files

Just right click on the file and chose open with WinRar.Then you can see the file you hide behind the picture. Another way to access the hidden file is that just change the extension of the file to .RAR and open the file using WinRar and then extract them.


If you know some other process then please tell us.

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  1. SoulEater :

    I Have A Problem. After Following All The Steps To The Letter. When I Try To Open The .jpg File With WinRAR I Get An Error Stating That The Archive Is Either In Unknown Format or Damaged. If I Rename The Extension Of The Image To .rar And Try Opening It Again I Receive The Same Error.

  2. prakash :

    it works.
    but I want to know how to open it with a vbs

  3. tawheed :

    i hide a drive by diskpart, but now i cant unhide,so give suggestion,

  4. Shanif vn :

    It works
    i hide my personal files but i want to know how to hide files other than desktop files

  5. HITESH :

    its not working,i m getting an error “THE SYSTEM CAN NOT FIND THE PATH SPECIFIED”….

  6. Rahul Patil :

    I have tried this out.
    Image is hiding data in it.
    But at the time of extracting using winzip and winrar it is giving error.

    But if you use other file extract manager tool such as “7-zip file manager”…. data gets successfully extracted…….

    This is very useful trick I got on net.

  7. Naveen :

    Ya. Its working

  8. Naveenreddy :

    Hi this is not work in win 7 os systems…..

    any alternative method behind an image to hide…

    • Harvey Ci :

      No, it works on windows 7.

      i have windows 7 ultimate x64bit, and it worked perfectly fine.
      maybe, you missed an important step.

  9. Ambius :

    The Process of doing this is called Steganography, the Act of hiding files within files. If you guys are interested in a program to do this for you i would suggest OpenPuff.

  10. Suresh :

    While extracting the .rar file it also shows the secret file. Then why do I need to hide the file in image.

  11. Saurav :

    Yeah its good and I am going to tell u a new secret trick how to make a file that no body can access except you the process is like this:

    Start ► Run ► cmd ► cd ► cacls folder/e/p everyonr:n and unprotect it by replacing n with f.

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