How to Hide Facebook Status from Particular Friend

We all love-making friends, isn’t it? And what better it can be other than Facebook which have been the latest and the best talk of the town as all thanks to people who have moved on to the exciting world of Facebook (Also setup Facebook video call to chat with Facebook friends).

So, with as many as friends in Facebook and after accommodating almost every one on your Facebook account, there are new set of problems which gets raised in Facebook that is what if you wish to hide the Facebook status from certain people who are there in your Facebook friend list ( learn how to stay offline in Facebook Chat for particular friends).

Though there are many privacy settings and features with which you can easily do the same but let’s check out an easy and a simple to understand procedure with which you can hide your Facebook status update with certain particular friends who are there as your friends in the Facebook.

Procedure to hide status updates from particular friend

First of all you will have to log-in into your Facebook account and after this you will have to click on the top most right part of your screen “Account” after which you will have to select the option of  “Privacy Settings”.

Now, after this in the privacy settings, you will have to click on the “View Settings” option as you can see below.

Now, in the lower end part you will find an option of “See your likes, activities and other connections”, simply click on the same and on the drop down arrow you will have to change the settings and also here you can easily see that changes which are changed and also along with this the likes and also knows the activities.

Now, if you want to further customize the settings as per your requirements then you can do so by selecting the people to whom you wish to make this post visible to and also just click on the “Custom” and after which you need to click on the same for selecting the people as shown below.

Now, after done with the customizations, all you need to do is to just simply save the settings which you have configured or else the settings will not be saved and all the procedure will have to be repeated to again configure the settings so that you can hide the status messages with certain friends. After you configure the settings, you can check out the people for whom the updates have been set which will be coming up at the same windows below the “Make this visible to” option as in the option of “Hide this from” which is shown in the above screenshot which makes easier to know to who we have selected to hide the status update from.

Now, after saving the settings, these settings will become as your default settings for all of your status messages which are posted and just in case if you wish to change the settings while publishing the Facebook status update then just simply select the customize and select the friends to whom you don’t want to show up the status message update.

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  1. Renin :

    Will this option of hiding a status update from a particular friend also mean, he or she cannot see this update on his/her home page and side bar??

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