How To Get Spotify Work in India

Spotify is a Swedish DRM-based music streaming service, it’s one awesome music service that everyone loves to have it. But unfortunately its available for only US and some European users. Here we have a little workaround by which you can enjoy the service in India too.

1. Spotify Invites :

We will make use of the US Spotify invites to get in to the system. There are many services which gives away Spotify invites for free. Here are some websites from which we can get invites.

Klout (recommended) or Coca-Cola promo page to get access code for free Spotify US account.

After clicking the Klout link, create an account in their site using your Facebook/Twitter account details.

Once you complete the registration, Klout will ask for a US zip code to offer Spotify invitation code. For US zip code, you can Google for random codes or enter “13607”, one US zip code which works well.

When you enter the zip code, you can see the unique invitation code with which you can get access to the Spotify for US users.

2. Accessing as US user :

Here comes the trick which hides our IP address from Spotify and helps us to register our account for free. There are lots of sites which support anonymous browsing. In our case we will use . This specific site supports browsing as US and UK user.

Step 1 :

Go to that site and consider to paste in and it will open the as an US user.

Step 2:

Paste the invitation code that you got from and press Continue.

Step 3 :

After entering the code, gives you access to create a new user account.

Step 4 :

Once you’re done, you can download the Spotify app for your Windows/Mac.

3. Making use of Spotify app

Open the app you are prompted with the login screen where you can enter the credentials to login to your account.

The app opens with access of thousands of albums. You can almost find any albums and in any language.

We are excited to find tons of Indian albums in almost all famous regional albums. The best part of the app is it supports Facebook connect which gives access to share playlists with your friends. This app also supports e-mail, Twitter, Facebook sharing of song.

Spotify is worth giving a try. Try it and let us know what you think. Share this trick with your friends and enjoy sharing playlists.

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  1. s :

    what do you after 20 day ‘travel time’ is over?

  2. Slick :

    this aint workin no more buddy!

  3. Abhijit :

    This is a bluff, doesn’t work 😡 i just wasted my 15 mins… :X

    • Natasha :

      I live in India too and I got spotify on my computer! Go to the Google chrome store and search Hola. You’ll get an item with a symbol of fire. Add that to your google chrome. then go to spotify. com and you’ll see the little fire button just below the close button. Change your country to USA or UK. Download the app to your computer and then chose the option ‘Sign in with facebook’. That will open a new tab connecting to facebook, so change the location of that tab to USA as well! YOur spotify app in your computer will start working! You wont get it in the apstore, but you can liten to it on your computer! 😀

      • Tanmay Ahmed :

        Thanks Natasha for your valuable tips.

  4. Pratik :

    I have lived in UK for last 1.5 yrs. I was using Sportify there & had installed first time when in UK through my facebook login. It was a brilliant software, not just any sound track you find, also THE BEST quality. I returned to India & after 14 days it says I m not allowed to use for more than 14 days of travel? What shall I do?

    Can I change this?

  5. Dilpreet Bhatia :

    Could not get it to work now!!

  6. Raghav :

    This works perfectly fine download surf easy set your vpn as us/uk/or.Whatever you like and use Spotify as u did in UK.

  7. Corey Anders :

    You can also use Hola Unblocker to access any site that is not available for India, like Spotify, Pandora, Hulu, Netflix etc.

    • VIKRAM :


    • Raj :

      Thanks man. It works!!!!

  8. john doe :

    This only works the first time you install the app. then the next time you try logging in it wont allow you to saying there is a country mismatch of account creation and logging in.

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