How to Get Evernote Reminders by Email

If you’re an Evernote user, you know that the one thing it lacks is reminders. While it’s great for taking notes and even making tasks lists (especially now that you can insert check boxes), there’s just no way to receive reminders about those tasks that you want to remember and get done.

So today, we’re going to show you how to fix this problem with a service called Evernotify. With this service, you can really get organized by receiving email reminders for tasks that you create in your Evernote account.

Getting Started

1. If you’re not already an Evernotify user, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. Don’t worry, this is really easy to do since you only have to fill in your name, email address and desired password.

2. Next you’ll need to connect your Evernotify account with Evernote by clicking on “connect your account” on the right side of the page. This will take you to where you’ll need to sign in and give Evernotify permission to access your account.

Connect Your Evernote Account to Evernotify

3. That’s it. Now you’re ready to start with the email reminders.

Getting Email Reminders

1. Evernotify will scan all of your notes in Evernote once per hour; however, you can also force a sync manually by clicking on the “sync with Evernote” button on the home page.

2. I’m sure you’re wondering how the service knows which notes to send you reminders about. Well, to receive a reminder you’ll need to tag your notes with “evernotify.”

A Grocery List as Todos in Evernotify

Note: Evernotify treats each new line in your note as a new todo. For example, if you create a grocery list in a new note and put each item on a new line, Evernotify will turn each line into a todo (see screenshot above). Because of this you may want to add “buy” before the items for better organization and filtering (we’ll cover this below).

3. How does Evernotify know when to remind you about these items? Well, you will have to set your reminder frequency in “Notifications Settings.” You can get access to this from the Account menu in the top navigation of the site.

Customize Your Evernotify Reminder Frequency in Notification Settings

4. One of the great things about Evernotify is that it can also organize your items automatically by category, but you’ll need to add keywords to your notes so that it knows how to organize them.

You can use keywords like: read, loaned, borrow, watch, or buy. If you don’t use a keyword related to the default filters, then Evernotify will simply put them in “todo.”

5. Lastly, you cannot check off items in Evernotify because it serves as a reminder service only. However, once you delete items from the note in Evernote, it will be crossed off as completed in Evernotify (see screenshot below). This is a pretty smart feature.

Complete Todos in Evernotify

Final Thoughts

Although very simple, Evernotify is an effective service that turns your Evernote account into the ultimate productivity tool. With Evernotify, not only can you create tasks, but now you will never forget those tasks again – and you can keep track of which tasks have been completed.

What are your thoughts on Evernotify? Do you use Evernote to create tasks or lists? If so, do you plan on trying out Evernotify to help you get more organized?

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