How to Find and Track Your Past Likes on Facebook

If you find some thing interesting on Facebook, you would like to spread that within your Facebook friends. For this purpose, there is already the Like button in Facebook by which you can like any thing and that will be immediately notified to your friends. But how can you track your past likes in Facebook? There is no such option in Facebook to find out your previous liked things.

Tip: Add Dislike Button with Facebook Status Update.

LikeJournal, a third-party application that allows you to find and track all of your previously liked items on both Facebook and other Websites. This is a free tool and does not require any registration. You can use this tool with your Facebook profile credentials. If you want to track your older likes on Facebook, go for the following step by step workarounds.

What you have to do first is browse LikeJournal and log-in with your Facebook username and password. It uses the Facebook log-in API, so there is no chance of saving your username and passwords by this third party application.

After the log-in, this application requires the permission from you to get access to your profile data. Make sure to click on the Allow button to make the tool working for you.

After getting the permission, it will show all of your previous liked pages or items on Facebook.

At this time you can only view the items that you liked on Facebook pages. If you liked any webpages other that Facebook in past then they do not appear at the list until you install the browser plugin from LikeJournal. The plugin is available for both Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

Once you installed the plugin or extension into your browser, you can now able to view the previously liked items on Facebook as well as the other websites.

One extra benefit of installing this browser extension is that it adds a Facebook like bookmarklet at your browser by which you can like any webpage from there though the page has no like button in it.

This plays a vital role when some webpages do not have any like button but you consider that page as interesting and want to make a Like through your Facebook profile.

Useful link: Setup Facebook video call.

Though we have already discussed about a Facebook-like bookmarklet to like anything through your Facebook account, the browser extensions from LikeJournal can be more preferable as you can use it for multiple purpose. Let me know about your views.

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  1. lawmacs :

    This is news for me so thanks for the heads up will have a play around with likejournal

  2. Gourav :

    It is not showing my recent liked items (like updates from friends or blog posts). It is only showing liked pages which is anyways visible on Facebook, though not in a list

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