How to Download Torrents On Usb Drive

This topic brings into limelight some vulnerable problematic circumstances which you might face in the process of downloading some torrent files into your machine when you earnestly need it. It may happen for day-to-day users that they  might want to download some torrent files urgently but they do not have  u-torrent software or any other torrent client handy.

You might be accessing internet from a cyber-cafe which does not have any kind of torrent client installed in it. What do you do??  How do you increase your accessibility options from office to home or from home to school?

This process technically guides you and brings before you into focus the simplest and easiest technique to help you out in such a problematic unforeseen circumstance. Let’s begin.

  • Unanimously the most popular torrent client is u-torrent. If you do not have this, download this software and install this to the directory that indicates the removable disk or USB, whatever you may call it.

  • Create a data file (.txt) using any text editor and save it as “settings.dat”.
  • The next step is to place the recently created file aka  “settings.dat” in the exactly same folder as u-torrent or any other torrent client in the portable disk being used by you.
  • once you are done with this, remember to run the torrent client ( utorrent) from your personal portable installation and configure the options and preferences (paths and settings).
  • Now you are  ready to go. You can use any machine according to your preference for continuation of downloading any torrent  file. Be sure to carry your portable installation of the file.
  • Also keep in mind that the file is to be downloaded directly to your usb drive . Hence you have increased your accessibility options from home to school, school to your office and office to any cafe.


While following these steps it may occur to you that you are using different machines with different bandwidth settings. This may slow you down a bit. Set the maximum upload speed to 90% of the available upload speed and enable you to fast download speeds.

Open u-torrent, and use Right click to adjust upload and download speed.

It’s all that you want, go ahead. Check it out.

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