How To Disable Facebook Group Email Notifications

Facebook has become the most popular platform for small as well as big players in business world to acquire consideration of their total customers. Every Facebook user can create groups and pages and let others become a member of those pages and groups.

If you are an admin of a typical group or page and would like to Turn OFF aggravating email notifications for every single activity, here is a solution. Through the help of these below mentioned steps, you can certainly disable Facebook Group and Page email notification.

How to disable Facebook Group email notification?

It is however quite simple and there is no need to take the help of any third party service, because, Facebook itself provides the option. You simply need to change a setting to get things done.

To Turn OFF email notifications for Facebook Group activity where you are admin at or a member, do follow the following steps.

Go to Facebook and sign in to your account. Then open up the Settings page and click the “Notifications” tab from left pane. Now, expand the “Email” section on your screen and select “Only notifications about your account, security and privacy”.

disable facebook group email notification

This will help you to keep away from annoying email notifications for Facebook Groups as well as Pages. On the other hand, if you want to disable desktop notifications for any group, just open up the particular Group, click on “Notifications” tab and select “Off” from the drop-down menu.

Turn Off facebook Group Notification

That’s it! The change will be reflected right away.

How to disable Facebook Page email notification?

This is another easy task. At first, sign in to your Facebook account and open a Page for which you wish to disable email notification. After that, click the “Settings” button from top navigation menu bar and select “Notifications” tab from your left pane. Alternatively, you can use this link –

Just replace YourFacebookPageUsername with your actual page username.

Now, you will get some options as follows,

Turn off facebook page email notification

Just click the corresponding “Turn Off” link to disable email notification for that specific Facebook page. Alternatively, you can select “Off” under “Email” section, which is positioned at the bottom of your page to turn off all email notifications at once.

Bottom Line

Do you use Facebook a lot? Do you have more than one very active Facebook group or page? If YES, I am sure that you are being destructed by frequent email notifications for each and every activity. Therefore, if you do not want to receive any email notification for Facebook Group or Facebook Page, do make use of this tutorial.

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