How To Disable Facebook Group Email Notifications

Facebook Group feature no doubt is useful to build a community and gives a boost to your business but at the same time it is annoying.

Every time a new member joins a group or posts any comment you will be notified by default and in no time your inbox will get clogged of these notifications.

However,you can turn-off Facebook Group notification by following a simple trick.

1. Firstly,log in to your Facebook Account and click on “Account Settings”.

2. In the second step select the option Notifications and then go to “Groups” by scrolling down the page.

You can edit and select the settings as per your choice.Uncheck the boxes to disable or remove the notifications.You will not receive any email notification of Facebook Group.

To edit settings for a particular group go to “Edit Settings” button on the group’s page and then change various notifications from there.

Do share your views on Facebook Groups! Have you disabled Facebook Group Email notifications?

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