How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails in Gmail

Everyone gets a significant number of spam emails which are saved in a different folder named as Spam in their email account. Those emails are useless and they unnecessarily reduce the free space(1024 MB) given by Google. Again if you share your email address publicly or subscribe to any newsletter, the probability of spamming in your email account increases.

That is why you should clear your spam box to regain the space. Despite the fact that the spam emails reduces the disk space at Gmail account, users ignore the task of deleting them regularly because deleting the spams manually becomes exhausting. The best way to keep clean your email account is automatically delete the spams from the Spam box so that they can never stay at your account.

Here are the simple steps to follow in order to delete the spams automatically from your email account.

Delete Spams Automatically from Gmail

1. Sign-in to your Gmail account with your username and password.

2. Click on “Mail Settings” link from the top-right corner of your account page.

3. Head to the Filter tab to create a new filter then click on “Create a new folder”.

4. At the “Has the words” box, put is:spam and click Next Step.

5. Once you click on the Next Step button, a warning message appears. Simply, ignore this warning and click on OK.

6. Now check into the box Delete it. You can also apply this filter on the existing spam emails in your account by selecting the appropriate option.

7. Finally, click on Create Filter.

Once you configure and create the filter properly, all the incoming mails which are flagged as spam will be automatically deleted. I applied this method in my Gmail account and I am happy that no spam email resides at my Gmail account.

Though, I have described the process for Gmail account, you can apply this any other email provider following the similar procedure.

One drawback of creating this filter is that every incoming mail that is flagged as spam will be deleted. Some time Gmail flags an incoming mail as spam by mistake. In such case, you can lose your important mails before you read them.

Tip: Verify Fake or Invalid Email Addresses.

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  1. Kader :

    Method is very beautiful Thank you and I will TRY

  2. LuckyFM :

    nice tricks indeed :)

  3. Jeffrey Allan Sousa :

    Awesome, thank you so much for that info awesome looking forward to more great tips and etc………

  4. Justin Goldberg :

    What’s the date on this post?

    Gmail has increased it’s storage limits to 7 gigs+.

    Also spam is automatically deleted after 30 days. If your space is getting low, use IMAPsize to delete those large, unnecessary attachments. IMAPsize was created specifically for this purpose.

  5. Hani :

    Nice post.I was in a habit of deleting all the spam emails that i receive all by myself.Your filter rule helped my few clicks everyday and helped me with a cleaner gmail.Thanks.

  6. thabo :

    thanx for your tip, it was handy… I don’t have spam problem in my email account… Now I need you to help me with gmail setting in my mobile, everytime I recieve incoming mails they are coupled with a delivery status notification (failure) but actually I able to recieve incoming emails & i can open and read them without a problem

  7. Hasan Demir :

    Cool post. Thank you very much. By the way, you said “One drawback of creating this filter is that every incoming mail that is flagged as spam will be deleted. Some time Gmail flags an incoming mail as spam by mistake. In such case, you can lose your important mails before you read them”

    I think we wont lose them. Because all deleted files will reside in “BIN” so we can check “BIN” if we wanted to.

  8. Alex :

    You are mistaken Tanmay! You said “you can lose your important mails before you read them”. No! Your deleted messages will be forwarded to the TRASH bin!

  9. John :

    Thanks! Works great.

    It’s odd that they (Google) just didn’t include a “Select All” function for deleting spam etc., which would have made the process of deleting large groups of messages so much easier. Every other email system I use has that function.

    Come on Google; get into the 21st century :-)

  10. Larry S :

    It shows you how unelegant these sites are. Even with all their money. Hotmail, before they screwed it up, was very intuitive. You certainly didnt have to go online to find out how to do what should have been a simple thing.

  11. christina k. bennett :

    great diections, i’ll try this

  12. Paulo Franca, Mr. :

    Thanks a lot. I was very angry with so many spams. Now the problem has gone. All the best.

  13. John :

    Thanks for offering this advice. The Gmail UI has changed, but all of your instructions can easily be applied. I followed them completely. Unfortunately, the spam message(s) still sit in the spam box. I’ve tried manually marking messages as spam, and watched them move to the spam folder via my web browser and my email client (Apple Mail).

    I wish I were able to post a screenshot so you could see my filter is exactly as you instructed (i.e., has the words is:spam + delete it). Today is Sunday, December 1, 2013. Tanmay, please email me if you can think of something I could try to make this work for me. Thanks!

  14. Thomas Hearne :

    Hi Thanks,

    The spam filter works.

    However, what about the trash folder.

    I tried is:trash..delete it, but it did not work.

    Have you managed to automatically empty the trash folder?


  15. andy :

    Brilliant, thanks! Hundreds of spam emails a day, and nothing I ever need, so this will deal with it.

  16. Ann :

    Oh thank You!! it works

  17. Wasim :

    You rock dood.

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