How To Access Blocked Websites

Blocking some particular websites in office or workhouse can prevent the employees from accessing unwanted websites. School or college authorities block the websites, mainly the social network sites so that the students can’t get access to those. Some countries block the website for their policy purpose as well.

But whatever be the purpose, you might be eager to access those websites for your own need. This article is dedicated for the sole purpose of accessing blocked websites from any where.

Not all of them will work for you as you can’t guess how the authority blocked the website or what method they used. But, be rest assured that at least one of the following methods will work for you.

Using Google cache to read your favorite blog or website

If you find that your favorite blog has been blocked by the controlling authority, you can read the blog content using the Google cache. Use the site: operator to see the content of a blog or website cached by Google.

As for example, if you want to read posts from and found it is blocked at your office or school, simply open and search with This will show you all the cached page of by Google.

Now click on the link Cached beside any entry and read your favorite topic though it is blocked.

Read Websites as Email

Web2mail is a web service that delivers websites as email. However this service is not suitable for accessing large websites. You can use this service to read the content from blocked websites.

Use TorPark to browse blocked websites

TorPark is a windows based application which is a combination of TOR and Mozilla Firefox. This application was developed to browse internet with keeping your privacy secured. That is why it sends all the data from your computer in an encrypted form. So, if your ISP uses any website filtering tool to block specific URLs, will not be able to detect the URL in the encrypted form. this tool is obviously worth giving a try to access Facebook if blocked. But don’t try to use this tool for accessing online banking related websites.

Learn more about TorPark.

Tunnel the Internet Connection

The probability of getting access of blocked websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc. can go high by tunneling your internet connection which is an tedious job. Toonel, is a free software that ease the task for you and easily tunnel your internet connection. Once you are done, you can easily access blocked websites.

Here is the workaround to tunnel your internet connection using Toonel.

1. Download Toonel from the link. Also make sure to install java run time in your computer, otherwise the Toonel won’t work.

2. The downloaded mass contains a file with .jar file extension. Simply run that file.

3. Open your browser and set as the proxy address and 8080 as Port Id. If you are in Firefox, you can set up the proxy address from Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings (under Connection). For the other browsers the procedure is almost similar.

This is the successful method to access blocked website I ever tried.

Upadte: How To Access Blocked Websites in India

Most of the ISPs in India now have blocked most of the torrent sites including Piratesbay,, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others, as per the notification by Indian Government, Department of Telecom. The reason for such blocking is that these torrent sites promotes piracy and hinders the normal functioning of buying and selling of copyright material.
Most of the ISPs(Reliance, Airtel, MTS) has already started blocking the websites which promotes pirated content and infringe the copyrights laws. While most of us are looking for workarounds and tricks to access these blocked torrent sites. Such blocking of torrent sites has frustrated the people to no extent and now they are looking for workarounds.

So here at Oxhow.Com, we have compiled a list of tricks using which you can access blocked websites in India. So, let start the unblocking operation.

Note : This article is just for educational purpose and has no intention to harm the court orders as per the law. Please do not use it for promoting content piracy.

Tips To Access Blocked Torrent Sites

If we try to access using the normal and usual way, we are getting an error that says “Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders” and there’s no other links which is redirecting it to the particular torrent site. Not to mention this update is regional and can be experienced in some parts of India and still there are ISPs which are freely offering access to torrent sites even after the court orders, MTNL, BSNL are few.

Through HTTPS

That’s one of the simplest trick using which you can simply access the blocked torrent sites in your region. How to do that? Instead of http, you have to use https, for example, if you try to access, you may not be able to access it normally, provided if you are facing the ban, the wrath of Indian govt. But, if you use https, then, there are chances that you may be able to access the blocked torrent site. So simply, use and you are there. Please note that this trick has been tested on most of the Indian ISPs and is working fine for all. So by using the same trick you can use all those blocked torrent sites. That’s one way of doing it. Another way.

Through Proxy Sites

If the above trick is not working in your region, then this is the sure shot trick using which you can get access to torrent sites without any lag. Proxy sites are those sites which allows you to surf the web anonymously. Using that you can hide your IP and protect your internet identity, thus fooling around and surpassing the implemented law. To use that method, simply use some proxy sites and start surfing the web anonymously. Here is a list of some of the well-known proxy sites using which you can reach the blocked torrent sites.

• • • •

Or I would recommend you to have a look at this megalist of proxy sites, from which you can choose the one that suits you. So that’s how you can access blocked torrent sites. If you are still facing any issues, please let me know.

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  1. Anelly :

    I’m using IP Privacy to access blocked websites and works just great.

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    please let me know how to open blocked site if admin has blocked the site.

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      If any one want to access blocked websites easily, I have a software. It’s working buddy!!!!!

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    please let me know how to open blocked site if admin has blocked the site.

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  7. Mike :

    These are all nice tricks, but if you`re looking for a permanent fix to unblocking sites, your best bet is a VPN service, like a proxy, a VPN will also encrypt your traffic.

  8. Mark Ackley :

    You can easily access these blocked torrent as well as other blocked websites by using AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield VPN.

    It works on wireless and wired connections alike. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth and available in free version as well.

  9. V. Poojary :

    I am browsing from PC in Saudi Arabia. The site is blocked and not accessible. Please advise.

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    I can access blocked sites using proxy sites method but can not download the content (torrent) from that site. Any advise ? thx

  11. Gyanjit :

    Hello there. This is the best tips ive seen in days!!! You the best.
    However, although toonel.jar works, it slows down all my browsers a lot. Is there anyway to speed it up. i tried all the about:config tweaks.

  12. Alexa :

    That vtunnel website doesn’t work here so I try some other websites that will let us students get on fb at university. The best one i prefer is

  13. ram :

    i used proxy servers and listed all above but ican’t access it. and proxy website error will be shown in the page wat i should do

  14. sairam devarashetty :

    I generally choose the proxy servers , here is a list of free available proxy servers

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