Hide Files Or Folders By Command Prompt In Windows XP

There are many software in the market that might be useful to keep your files and folder secured by hiding them. But you may not like to use software to hide files and folders. This article describes about the command for hiding a folder using command prompt.

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The extra software installation occupies your memory also and it reduces your system speed. There is a very interesting and useful property of Windows inbuilt in itself to hide any files and folder changing the file  attributes in command prompt.

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One question may arise that you can easily change the attribute of a folder or file by right clicking on it and then from properties. And then you can hide or show the file or folder changing the settings in folder option of Windows explorer.

But this is a childish process and any one can unhide your files or folder changing the Windows Explorer property. So it is quite secure and reliable process to hide the files and folder changing the attributes in dos mode or command prompt.

How to change the attribute of the files or folder in command prompt to hide them

Suppose you want to hide the folder “font” which is in your E: drive.So open command prompt typing “cmd” in the “run” from Windows start menu.Now change the drive typing “ E: ” and then press enter.

Now type the command replacing the ‘filename/folder name’ with the name of the file or folder which you want to hide.

attrib filename/folder name +s +h


Now that is you have hidden your file.Now it will not be shown  Windows explorer even if you have changed the setting.

Now to unhide the file you have to type the command

attrib filename/folder name –s –h


It is strongly recommended that you should remember which file or folder you have hidden. After hiding the file or folder with the above process there is no way to brows it without knowing the name.

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  1. tushar :

    Nice, it works, excellent….

  2. Roshan machhi :

    I complete the task till E:
    Suppose my folder name is ‘data’ and file name is ‘image’ so should i type ‘attribe image/data +s +h’ in cmd prompt to hide folder and file.pls help me out.

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