Google Introduces Real Time Data in Google Analytics: Track Your Site Live

Just a month ago, tracking the website visitors live was a big problem for the webmasters. This was because that the most popular website tracking tool, Google Analytics did not have the real-time feature. Although, there are some services which offer the real-time data for the website visitors, either they are paid service or not featured with detailed reporting system.

On 29th September’ 2011 Google proudly announced that they ar going to enhance Google Analytics with the real-time data. No doubt this step from Google will help a lot to track the websites with free of cost. The matter of fact is that Google is always at the first position when we talk about the user-friendly services.

However, Google announced to roll this feature out for all Google Analytics account. If you’re a webmaster having a Google Analytics account, you should get an email from the GA team confirming that they are updating your account with this new feature and the redesigned modules. Those who did not still get such email should wait for some days as Google will update all Google Analytics account accordingly or use this link to get an earlier access of the real-time data.

How to view the real-time status in Google Analytics

The real-time data is only available into the new version. So, you will have to switch to the new version if you’re still using the older version of Google Analytics.

Here, you should find the Real-TimeĀ  (Beta) option under the Home tab. Now you can, view various data about what is happening with your site right now.

Click the Overview link to take a quick look on how many active users are visiting your site at this moment, know the percentage of new visitors vs returning visitors, which pages are being visited through which keyword etc. You can also get an overall report about the location of the current visitors presented by a geographical map.

Apart from the above statuses, you can also track the real-time measurement of the social media impact, campaigning etc. by cleverly applying the campaign tagging, custom reports etc.

Tip: Ignore Your Own Blog Visits in Google Analytics Traffic Report & View Google Analytics Report from Desktop.

In fact, I was searching for a free service for real-time tracking of my websites and finally got it. What about you? Let me know your words.

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  1. kishore :

    Google is adding more tools to the website owners to better understand where we are strong and where we need to concentrate.

    Inserting third party code to online visitors decreases page loading time.

  2. Tanmay :

    I agree with you, Kishore!! Using third party codes on your site is also not safe for security.

  3. Udegbunam Chukwudi :

    It’s about time man. I just hope it doesn’t get buggy over time just like their Adsense tracking via Analytics is.

  4. Tanmay :


    I agree with you.

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