Google Analytics opt-out Hide Yourself From Tracking Every Move Online

If you have posted an advertisement on the internet, you might be wanting to know how many persons have visited it. Google has discovered a new way to track your every move on internet, record everything you have searched and attached with your IP address. Google Analytics Tracking a free application which provide the details with opt out option. If you have a website now you can know how many persons have visited your site on daily, weekly and monthly basis with brief details.

When a person visit your site, this JavaScript code executes the tracking operation for Analytics. Even your data is also collected when you visit the other sites on the web. Actually tracking has been done for the market research to know the growth or performance.

The main reason for hiding is the threat from social networking sites, If you do not like to participate in this data collection, you can use a simple add-on and maintain your privacy. Like Google, too many other search engines are tracking your activities. As for example, Analytics and Adsense both collect the data about your every move on the internet.

How to hide from Google Analytics Tracking

Go the website Google Analytic opt-out Browser add-on and follow the instruction which is given below.

This is the very first step which you have to follow for every browser. There is a separate way for each browser. The site automatically detects your browser which you are using. These are next steps for each  browser.

For Internet Explorer

After clicking on the very first step a license agreement page is opened and you have to click on Accept and Install.

Now the downloading starts (incase of windows 7 or vista approve a UAC prompt to complete the installation). Once the installation is completed, your computer asks for a restart. This ensures the add-on is completely installed in your computer.

In internet explorer, it is installed as an application so you can uninstall it. Go to Control Panel and choose Uninstall Program, then select Google Analytics Opt Out Browser Add-on.

For Google Chrome

If Google chrome is your internet browser then after clicking on the first step, an add-on page will open and you have to click on the install as instructed in the picture given below.

Once you click on the Install button, you will see a confirmation page and again you have to click on Install button.

Now, open the extension page of chrome and click on the Allow this extension to run in incognito, because you cannot run this application if you are in incognito mode.

For Firefox

The first 2 steps are similar to the internet explorer. After clicking on the license agreement, a warning page is opened and click Allow to install it.

When the installation is complete, again a window opens asking you to restart the firefox to complete the change, click on Restart Firefox.

Once you are done with the above mentioned processes, you are able to hide all the information while moving on the internet. There is nothing to configure your self.

There are different processes  to install add-on in every browser so if you have more then one browser then follow the process which is described above for each browser. Learn more on Analytics privacy.

Now your are able to move with full privacy on the internet. But if you are not visiting any social networking site then avoid to hide yourself, because your data is feedback for so many companies who wants to know their performance.  When you visit the social networking sites you can hide yourself by using one of the above described add-ons. This will give a much relief and freedom to move anywhere in the internet with full privacy. So try it and hide yourself. [Information source: Lifehacker]

This add-on also helps you to ignore your own visits at your own blog.

Tip: Check Google Analytics Report From Desktop.

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  1. Louis E. Carabini :

    You may just want check your messages read the news feeds post a status update but you do not want to chat. So you need to hide yourself work behind the scenes and maneuver around your Facebook account stealth like.

  2. Frankq :

    Why should I trust Google Apps to do anything but track me because I have opted out of them tracking me. I just assume use a third party app. Sorry Google you are no longer a trusted source for me.

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