Free Security Essential Antivirus: Released By Microsoft

It is not easy to keep your computer virus free.You must have an Antivirus to keep your PC secured from viruses, Malware, Spyware. But this task is expensive and difficult as many of the popular Antivirus suits slow down your computer.There are many Antivirus software available in the web which are free but most of them are not fully functioned and designed for convince to purchase the full version of those in high price.

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Security essential virus scan

So Microsoft has released a free and efficient Antivirus software Security Essentials.If you want a free and non-bloated antivirus application then you should try Security Essentials.The Security Essentials anti virus is free and lightweight software compatible with genuine version of Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows Vista.It is also compatible with the virtual environment like XP mode for Windows 7.Security essential system tray

This application is also good to use in the netbooks and the older computers which are some little bit slow compared with the modern computers enhanced with multi cored Processor  and gigs of Ram.The Security Essential is of size less than 10 MB and easy to install.After installation when you are running the scan you can still be engaged in your other work normally.It does not decrease the speed of your computer as the software uses minimum system resources when running.

After installation the software will automatically download the latest updates and will install it without intervention of the user.This Antivirus has been tested severally by many users and one of them confirmed that the Security Essential detects all of the threads correctly and it does not give any false report.Security essential update database

Keep your computer secured with Security Essential.It replaced Windows Live OneCare and Windows Defender.

So give your opinion after using the Security Essential.We are waiting for your comments.

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