Free Download Manager for Firefox and Google Chrome

Download Manager is a tool to increase the downloading speed of any files or folder from the online source. You can also resume and schedule the download. Sometime, you can restart the broken download links simply by a single-click. You can download all kind of files like documents, videos, music, compressed files and lot more. It is quite helpful and time saving. Lots of download manager are available online where some of them are free and others are paid for almost all kind of browser.

I’m making all the above process manageable with two famous browsers – Firefox and Chrome. Here, we offered the Best 3 Download Manager Add-ons for Firefox and Chrome which are easily available on internet. These Download Managers will really help you in increasing the downloading speed in all possible ways.

Let’s first talk about Google Chrome Download Manager Add-ons.

Google Chrome is one of the best Internet Browser, which is used by lot of people around the world. You can also use its default Downloader for downloading various files. But, it will be quite impossible to download videos from some sites like – etc.

So, when they try to download any such files, Google Chrome fails to detect it. A download manager could solve such problems.

Top 3 Download Managers for Google Chrome

1. FlashGet – FlashGet is one of the best free Download Manager, I know till now. It supports http, ftp, BT and many other protocols. It also supports in downloading videos from YouTube. On downloading from this software, it accelerates the downloading speed which is completely stable. It supports Google Chrome and has almost every feature which you are seeking in your Download Manager. It is possible for you to manage your web site. The only drawback it has, the font used inside it is quite small, which looks bad. Otherwise, it is great download manager.

flashget download manager Chrome

To download FlashGet version 3.7,Click here.

2. Download Accelerator Plus – It is also a free download manager, which works with all the browsers including Google Chrome. It has almost same features of FlashGet. This too have very good scanning feature, which scans all the downloaded files before saving them on hard disk. DAP in short; accelerates the download files through SpeedBit’s multi channel technology. It also have premium version of DAP which is faster than the free version and available in different languages.

download-accelerator-plus-add on for Chrome

To download free version of Download Accelerator Plus, Click here.

3. Internet Download Manager – This is one of the best Download Manager and most usable one. When talking about compatibility, it supports all browsers you know as well as google Chrome.  I know it because I’m using it. IDM automatically manages all downloads and also queues them if IDM find it necessary. IDM increases downloading speed up to 5 times. Its free version comes for only 30 days trial and the premium version cost you about $29.95.

To download free version of Internet Download Manager, Click here.

Now, we will talk about, Mozilla Firefox Download Manager Add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the famous browsers and it is free and open source like Google Chrome.  It has also default download tool. As we discussed about Google Chrome Download Manager Add-ons earlier in the same manner we’ll introduce

Top 3 Download Managers for Mozilla Firefox

1. Download Manager Tweak – This is a Firefox’s add-on, which actually improves the performance of default download manager of the browser. It also adds new features to that manager like improve the look of the stock downloader, adds extra buttons for resuming, restarting, pausing, deleting, previewing and opening a download.

Download Manager Tweak

To download free add-ons Download Manager Tweak, Click here.

2. FlashGot – It sounds same as FlashGet and it works like Download Manager Tweak. You can download all the pictures, embedded content and links on the web page, just by one right-click and select ‘FlashGot All’. You can also select the things you want to download.

FlashGot download add on FireFox

To download FlashGot add-ons, Click here.

3. DownThemAll! –  This is free and simple Firefox add-on, which comes up with resume and pause buttons. It also increases the speed of the download files. It has all the functions of FlashGot add-on. You can also queue the files for download through this awesome Firefox add-on. To download this DownThemAll add-on, Click here.

Tip for the Firefox users: Cut down memory usage in Firefox.

I found the above add-ons for my Firefox and Google Chrome browser. Please drop your comments to add more at the list.

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    how its download idm yaar

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    I wanted to be watching soccer

  3. Bill :

    How can you say Internet Download Manager (IDM) is free when it’s not? The only time it will be free is when you try it out for the first time and that’s only for 30 days. The real free Download Manager that comes close to IDM’s features is the Free Download Manager (FDM) which is what you should have listed here as one of the ‘free’ download managers instead of the IDM.

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