Find People on Google Plus and Know Who Removed You From His Circle

Finally, Google has confirmed to make Google plus public by 31st July. More than 10 million people are using Google plus and tons of public are joining every day. Though it is still in testing phase, be rest assured that Google will add more advanced features in Google plus over time.

Meanwhile, you can keep up using Google plus to interact with your friends, family or colleague. If you want to add more people in your circles, you can find people within from your Google plus profile.

How to find people on Google plus

Typing in any name in the Google plus search box will suggest all the names of the people who are using Google plus.

Clicking on any name will show the profile information, bio or other data from his about page except the Google plus posts from the person in question.

These people are suggested on the Google plus search bar regardless any connection with your Google profile which means that it does not depend on whether the people are related with you or your friend circles. Then you can decide whether to add him in your circle or not.

Find People on Plus is another people search directory for the Google plus users which lets you to search people with their name, place or other profile information.

The site has a good navigation feature so that you can find people based on the relationship, gender, number of followers etc.

The site offers the category shortcuts at the left sidebar and you can filter your search by choosing any one from them. Not all of the current Google plus users (about 10 million) are shown in the results but it show only the indexed profiles which are about 1 million in number.

Apart from that, it is quite handy for finding people with all relevance. You can figure out the exact people if multiple results come against your search.

While the above site helps you to find new people to add them in your Google plus circles, you might also want to know who are removing you from their circles in Google plus.

How to know who has removed you from his circle in Google plus

A large number of people in your circles may cause an obsession as you get the updates from every profile that you are following in Google plus. To avoid the unwanted updates from a particular person, you can simply mute the post in your profile. But this can’t be a permanent solution if you have hundred of people in your circles. The best way to get rid from such annoying updates, you can simply unfollow the persons by removing them from your circles.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the authority in Google plus is measured on the basis of how many people have you in their circles; not the number of people in your circle.

However, if you want to track who are removing you from their circles, you can use a simple browser extension. Google minus is such browser plugin which works in Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Using the extension requires registration at the hosting site, but you can simplify the registration through Facebook or Google plus profile.

Installing the extension sends instant alert whenever anyone kick you out from his circle(s) provided that you are logged in with your Google plus profile.

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I found this extension is pretty good to track my online reputation in Google plus. You might also want to get notification when you are not on Google plus.

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