Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Up To One Year

As long as the time is going on, the popularity of Windows 7 is increasing. People are eager to give it a try. But the worth of the Windows 7 operating system is not affordable for all the general user. But Microsoft allows you to download the Windows 7 and use for it as 30 days trial version. So you have the maximum30 days in hand to use Windows 7.

But there is a trick by which you can extend the trial period. There is a command by which you can extend the trial period up to three months. Also some extra tweak can extend your Windows 7 trial period to one year.

Tip: 7 Things You Must Know About Windows 7 32-Bit And 64-bit Version

Here is the method in details.

1. Type “cmd” in the Windows 7 start menu search box then right click on “Command Prompt” and chose “Run as administrator”. You can also run the command prompt as administrator by typing “cmd” in the start menu search box and then pressing “Shift+Ctrl+Enter”.

Note: You may be asked for a password. If so then put it and hit “Enter”.

2. In the command prompt type the following command.

slmgr -rearm

3. Immediately the system will prompt for a restart. Restart your computer and check the system status.

Voila! Your trial period has been extended to more 30 days. You can apply this command only three times. So here you can extend your trial period to maximum 90 day.

4. Now it is time to roll in. There is a registry tweak by which you can increase the boundary of using slmgr -rearm command.

Note: As this tweak is about to hack your registry, I recommend to keep a backup of  it.

5. Type “regedit” in the start menu search box and hit “Enter”. The registry editor will open.

Note: You may be prompted for permission to access the registry editor.

6. Navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftwareProtectionPlatform

7. In the right pane find out the value SkipRearm. Now double click on it and change the value from 0 to 1. Press “OK”.

You are done. Now you can apply the slmgr -rearm command for 8 times more. So you can extend the trial period to extra 250 days.

The total extended trial period is now 120 + 240 =  360 days.

Note: First apply slmgr -rearm  command for 3 times then apply the registry tweak. After so you will be allowed to apply the command again for extra 8 times. To extend rhe trial period to exactly 360 days,  apply the command in each 30th day of your trial period.

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  1. Amit Banerjee :

    Great Tip…btw I don’t use Windows 7 much but will be useful when I would like to Install those nagging updates. By the way, what’s “Preiod” ….Never mind …Useful post

  2. Tanmay :

    @Amit Banerjee
    Thank you Amit. I’m glad to see you in TTG again. Anyway thank you for finding the spelling mistake. We have made that correction.

  3. Dr. Jyoti :

    Thnks bro for ur valuable trick.
    Though I Hav not installed it but think it will work fine.

  4. Tanmay :

    @Dr.Jyoti: You are most Welcome in TTG. Yes the readers feedback is positive. Let me know if you face any kind problem when applying this trick after installation of Windows 7.

  5. Tanmay :

    @Aditya: Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Your feed backs always inspire me to write such article.

  6. dpgunaga :

    please sent me win7 1year free software

  7. Pius Gonsalves :


    I,have installed windows 7 on my pc. It’s windows 7 professional,32 bit and updated to windows 7 ultimate. I, want a activation/product key for permanent activation. Where I,will get this key. Free keys on internet site’s are not working. I, am working in mumbai.Could somebody will provide me windows 7 ultimate activation key. Trial period is expiring within 8 days.

  8. Tanmay :

    @Pius: Sorry, I can’t provide you the key. But you can extend your existing trial period following the method described in this article.

  9. Yongfan :

    Good if you are still evaluating the software, remember if you use it and like it, you should purchase a license.

  10. What? :

    ‘slrmgr’ is not a recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.

  11. What? :

    sorry typed wrong works!

  12. Tanmay :

    yes ‘slrmgr’ is not such command. But ‘slmgr’ works fine.

  13. help :

    for some reason when i do the registry fix after reboot it goes back to 0 instead of 1 and i’m on my last day :(

  14. Tanmay :

    May be, your computer is virus affected.

  15. Pokemon :

    Well we always hate from MS. but they let us to use windows for 1 year. and 1 year is a very sufficient time for per format. in any way we are becoming to need format computer by the time pass. and 1 year is very enough :)

  16. Chenna :

    It’s Really Good
    Thank You

  17. rohit :

    as @Help posted I am facing the same problem and my windows 7 trial period is expired after 3 month. I am using original Kaspersky Internet Security and up to date, so I am sure no virus is present in my computer. What to do?

  18. bijendra :

    i am using windows7 home basic my trial period is expire then after i extend from this method but i extend only 3 days what i do now ?? can any one help me or can any one give me windows7 home basic key

  19. Azhar :

    Hi i have activated windows 7 on my computer and it came with 10 days of validation when at the last day when i used re-arm then it is activated but just for more 10 days so how can i activate it for 30 days please suggest me….

  20. Con :

    I have past the 3 times rearm period , when I done the regedit from 0 to 1 its ok. When I do the smlgr -rearm get response okr restart the system but dont get an other month again and in the value data gain I see again The 0 not the 1 I have changed . have ant idea ? Let me know thank you.

  21. Azhar :

    I know this procedure but my windows 7 Enterprise is expired and it is not letting me do this thing…plz help me

  22. Tanmay :

    AAzhar: This method only worksbefore you cross the experation period.

  23. juwonb007 :

    I tried the above 1st 3 steps, but it reduced ma days to 3days from 14days! Ow do I rectify this pls. @ Anybody. Also, how can it be rectified if it has already expired?was told abt a utility named removeWGA, but it aint working. Any help wld be appreciated. Tnx.

  24. SK FAREEDH :


  25. michael j. vandaley :

    does a key generator work or are they just a bunch of crap jw get back soon?

  26. Free Joomla Templates :

    That was awesome, thanks a lot buddy..

  27. Psalm :

    is there any way to extend it to more than one year?

  28. Ankit :

    hey..thanx bro..very useful your tip was..really appreciate it..i have a small doubt though, what after 360 days? will i have to again format my pc? i dont want to format anymore..i already formated several times n fear that hard disk will get corrupt..do i have any alternate solution for this…plz help…thanku once again..

  29. juwonb007 :

    For those that has their validation days expired, download RemoveWAT.exe, and run it. Requires only system restart. that will remove the watermark (and and the black wallpaper).

  30. smflight714 :

    Dear Freinds,

    I had a problem,
    Recently I purchased a LAPTOP(ASUSX54C-SX261D). and used Win7 64bit. But it is in trial mode. severally I tried to crack the license, using Win7 activator. but after RUN this application my PC need to be Restart, and thn not able to RUN OS again.
    After restart ASUS-logo coming & disappearing, same will continue forever. Until I need to press the POWER OFF-Button, to end all.

    No insolvency of this problem, again I need to Install the fresh OS. (but it is in trial Mode)..

    Please help me OUT.. !! it is my new LAPTOP..

  31. bgmiasceva :

    So how it works ??!!
    Install the Windows 7 Enterprise Trial version.
    It’s free for download from Microsoft. You just need a live.com account. It’s a small price !!!
    Activate the Windows 7 after install (it comes with a key for the trial version, you only need to click on activate Windows)
    After you activate, gives you 90 days licence. But you could rearm for another 3 times ( with the command slmgr.vbs -rearm ). So in total you have 360 day of use.
    Isn’t that hard !!!

  32. Dave :

    It s not function because you are use the command rearm after 120 days expired, then value 1 don t help you..

  33. Hammad :

    nice tip. I always use remove wat or windows 7 loader to solve this issue but I ve always found that whenever 2nd time when I use the same version it didnot work for me. Then I ve to search newer version .

  34. ♥♦♣♠ :

    (Reposting due to spelling mistakes from myself, sorry for that!!!!)

    After reading the section of the trial extension to 360 days, there is only a remaining question from my side: what happen if i input another number (different of “1″) as value data(2,3 or 4 in hexadecimal) instead of zero??? i was thinking in trying to extend a windows 7 trial that i used to have over 1 year and i need your guide up to this point.

  35. Murray :

    Thanks so much! I bought an excellent little tab from China, that had Windows Ultimate trial. I shopped around a bit, as you do, to find the best deal I could, and found the retail version discounted 25%, worth the squirrelling. But, down to two days remaining on the trial by Thursday, and no probability that the purchase would arrive before the weekend….(wails “Noooooo!”). Found your advice, sorted! Brilliant!

  36. sumit aswal :

    thanks sir for this method of activation of windows

  37. JB :

    wow works brill cheers

  38. JB :

    when i activate to put the 90 day trial on when i do the slmgr -rearm it says i’ve got 10 days to activate

  39. Jane :

    help i have wndows 7 enterprise and i only have 13 days to go before expiration, does this command rearm works with my os, thanks in advance sir.

  40. Gazzza :

    The command slmgr worked fine. The registry tweak does not work at all. After re-boot the registry value reverts to zero (0). I definitely don’t have a virus !!

    • Tanmay :

      There must be any problem with your system. The registry values should not change automatically after the re-boot.

      • hwang :

        Thanks! It works on my system (1 day for now). Sadly, I have wrongly did the SkipRearm procedure immediately after I restarted my computer following the “slmgr -rearm command”; I skip the 30-day three times procedure and go straight to “regedit” command. What happen now?? Please kindly advise what I should do next. Much thanks!

        • Tanmay Ahmed :

          Don’t worry! Just revert your registry settings and run the rearm command once again. It will extend the trial period for another 1 month. Repeat it after each month and follow the remaining guides from this article.

          • Hwang :

            Thank you so much for responding so quickly. It really helped me.

  41. Ahmad :

    Man, I can’t find the (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftwareProtectionPlatform). Please details!

  42. Shriraam :

    Whoa! Good endeavour your’s. Kindly send this site’s full domain name
    to my mail ID. It is very useful for myself and to my students!

  43. Oconner :

    Will this method work offline (Where there is no internet connection) as well? I am going to a place where there is no internet connection for four months and I want to be sure about this. Thanks in advance.

    • Tanmay Ahmed :

      This method does not need any Internet connection. You can apply it in any mode.

  44. Compstuff :

    This didn’t seem to work for me… I just recently did the reset 3 times BUT I may have already been using it longer than a year so maybe that’s why

    • Mon-key :

      Thanks for posting this Tanmay!

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