Easiest Way To Run Multiple Instances of Dropbox in Windows 7

You may know that recently, I wrote an tutorial about how to run multiple Dropbox accounts in Windows 7. Later I found that somehow the procedure is lengthy. Why? If you want to run just two instances of Dropbox then its okay. But what about that if you want to run many Dropbox instances, suppose five or ten? As the previous tutorial you ‘ll have to create the user accounts and log off from primary account then log in to the second user account then install Dropbox then again logging off and again logging on to primary user account and so on. Oops!!

Here I’ll introduce an awesome tutorial so that you give effort just one time  and run any number of Dropbox instances in Windows 7. All the  thing will be done automatically.

All that you need at the starting

1. You must have the admin privilege.

2. PsExec for execute programs on remote systems. Download it from Microsoft Windows Sysinternals page. It is a Zip file.

3. Next you have to extract the zipped file and copy the whole content to c: > Windows > System32 folder. But Windows 7 will deny the access if you normally open that location and simply paste the files. To overcome this problem

  • Click on Starr menu > All Programs > Accessories.
  • Right click on Windows Explorer > select “Run as administrator”.

  • Now navigate to c: > Windows > System32.
  • Copy the content of the extracted file and paste here.

It would ask you to replace or not some files. Simply click “Yes”.

Setting up the process by some script

1. We assume that you have already installed Dropbox in your primary user account. If not, install Dropbox at first to your primary user account.

2. Download the batch file from here.

3. Extract the downloaded file and place (startdb.bat) at the location

[System dive] > Users >[user name] > AppData > Roaming > Dropbox

My system drive is c and the user name is TTG. So the location for me is

C: > Users >TTG > AppData > Roaming > Dropbox

Your Windows 7 is now ready to run the script.

How to run the script for running multiple instances of Dropbox

1. Run the command prompt with administrator privilege. For that type “cmd” at the Start menu search box > Right click on cmd.exe > Select “Run as administrator”.

2. The command prompt appears. Change the path to the location of the startdb.bat file by executing the following command

cd C:UsersTTGAppDataRoamingDropbox (TTG is my user account, change it to your own)

3. Now you can create any number of users for your Windows 7 with their password. The command for that is

startdb <username> <password>

As example,

startdb Dropboxusr1 mypass1

Voila! You have just created the new user account pre-installed with the Dropbox. Now you can see the Dropbox setup wizard box. Just follow the instructions to add your Dropbox account.

Repeat the step 3 as many times as you like. Each time you will find the Dropbox setup wizard box.

Important note: Set a different Dropbox folder for each Dropbox account.

Note: The file synchronization may not start at the very first time of creation. First exit from the running Dropbox and again start that. It will start to sync files.

How to run those instances

At the first time you run the command “startdb it creates a file Dropboxusr.txt at same location of the startdb.bat. The file contains the command for starting the Dropbox account  for each user. Evey time you create a new Dropbox user in your computer it will append the command in that txt file.

So you can individually run each commands from the txt file at command prompt or just rename the file Dropboxuser.txt as Dropboxuser.bat to run all the Dropbox instances at the same time. If you want the Dropbox instances to run when you start your computer then just create a shortcut of Dropboxuser.bat and place at the Windows 7 start up folder for each user.

Hope this method will save your time. [Tanks Global Cynic]

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  1. Bustatech :

    There is another easier method to run multiple instances of Dropbox in Windows, using Portable Dropbox. More info here: http://www.bustatech.com/run-multiple-dropbox-on-your-pc-at-the-same-time/

  2. Amir :

    Great script!
    is there a way to make this work with non-english windows 7?
    I have a few computers with hebrew win7 where the “users” folder is called c:משתמשים and the script cant find it. i’m guessing it’ll be the same issue with any windows 7 operating on a non latin language.
    any ideas?

  3. bonanza :

    You guys really should check http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/2010/05/multiple-dropbox-do-it-yourself.html

    No need runas, no need install anything (Portable Dropbox above), no password, no actual users created!

  4. Andre :

    Great script. Works fine, the only downside is that doesn’t show dropbox icon on taskbar.

  5. Willy :

    Any fix to make it with new version 2.00?


  6. Tone :

    I have tried your instructions of “Easiest Way To Run Multiple Instances of Dropbox in Window”. However, this is the error message I got after the last stage: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25849690/Screenshot%202015-06-08%2011.33.16.png
    Please help fix it.


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