Delete unwanted Files and Folders Automatically from Hard Disc

If you want to delete unwanted files and folders  automatically  from your hard disk this technique may be  very useful. To delete unwanted files and folders which are being generated each time when Windows or any program runs like Temporary Internet files, Recent Document Files, Temp files etc.

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You can delete  files and folder  from any where automatically by the software Cyber-D’s Auto Delete. You can also delete files permanently by the totally free software.

Installation and usage scenario

In this software Cyber-D’s Auto Delete you can schedule any files to delete.This is a lightweight software and  very easy to use.The installation process is very simple.Once you run the application after installation the following window will appear.


Click Add Folder to add the  folder you want to monitor for deleting the files.You can chose any number of folders.Now select the folder from where you want to delete unwanted files and folder.The other options will be active then.It also allow to select the sub folders.

delete-files-automatically-2 Using  file and folder filters  you can select what file you want to delete and what not to. Each folder in the Folder Settings Box have their own set of options. delete-files-automatically-3

After clicking on Add filter you can specify the file name and type .


After specifying the files you can specify how older files you want to delete.To do so put the number of day in the “Delete files older than” section.

Now you can chose the other options showed in the right-bottom part.

Secure delete files will delete the files and then overwrite that section with blank data. This will make recovering the file impossible by using disk recovery tools.

After all the software is very useful to delete the unwanted files which are older and unnecessary.I personally set the Temp and Temporary Internet Folder to delete the files generated in them which are older than a week.


Tip: Clean Up Your Computer with Final Uninstaller.

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  1. James Henson :

    Queston about Cyber-D’s Auto Delete.
    Does auto delete happen at a certain time of day while the computer is running or does this this program only auto delete on reboot of the computer.
    There is a big difference between the two. Please clarify the above question about the program.

  2. Tanmay :

    You are right. Cyber-D’s Auto Delete erases any folder or file as you set it to be. This happens whenever the condition is matched. But if you have chosen such files which generally are used by system or any other application then those files will be deleted after matching with your condition and at the next time when your system reboots.

  3. yunda :

    Thanks for sharing!! Duplicate Filter is a wonderful duplicate file finder which is worth mentioning. It can instantly find and delete unwanted files and folders from hard disk. It is definitely worth a try and it doesnt hurt when you can try their free version too. They provide outstanding support!!

  4. Marx Wagnki :

    I’m having difficulty in hard drive disk cleanup,I also recommend for a immediate Auto identify of unwanted files or app to sync and remove.

    • Marx Wagnki :


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