Data Card Not Working Troubleshooting Tips

With the advent in technology, Wireless internet usage on it’s peak these days. But to enjoy wireless internet, users have to buy a device called data-cards. These are good to go, but sometime creates a lot of problem in connecting and some other related issues which really hampers our internet enjoyment.

So here’s a short guide to trouble shoot and resolve all the problem a user might face while using these internet data cards. I’ve categorize each problem as a specific category. Here it goes.

Data Card Troubleshooting Tips

data cards troubleshooting tips

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Data Card Modem Not found

This is quite a common problem which really creates a lots of problem, here’s how you can get over it. It can occur when either the data card drivers are not installed properly or data card is not connected properly.

  • Try to update the data card drivers, if still it does not work, uninstall it, and;
  • Download and re-install the respective data card drivers from it’s official source. You can also use that CD that you got with it to install the drivers.
  • After installation, connect the data card properly and now it should work properly.

Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain

After connecting the data card successfully, this is another problem users may face. Configuration is what a user should do. Configure the data card, in other words, use the username and password to access the wireless internet using the device.

  • If you are facing the above said problem, simply check the username and password provided are correct or not. If not, correct them. Try to connect now.

Slow Internet Experience

This is another problem which really hampers the users to get the most out of there data card usage. If the connection is weak, then we can’t do much, but if it’s a problem from our side, that it’s happening because our computer system is causing it. Then here are some troubleshooting tips you can try.

  • Try to disable the firewall. This can be one reason which affects the data card network. Follow the path Control PanelSystem and SecurityWindows Firewall and Click on the link that says “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” in the sidebar.
  • Try deleting the web browser cache and temporary files of off your computer system. Click on Windows button, type “%temp%”, choose Temp folder, and delete all the files stored there. These are just temporary files stored which are preserved while you surf the web.
  • Rest here are some other tips you should definitely follow to boost your slow internet speed.

Speed Up Dial-Up Internet Connection and Speed Up Slow Internet Connection

Whatever be the reason for data card not working properly, always try to install or update the data card drivers/software and also make sure the device is connected to the computer system properly. If you are still facing any problem, make sure the device is sound and safe. Rest comment them down, we will take care of it.

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  1. tapan chauhan :

    I tried two data cards both did not connect with same error. As soon as I press the connect button, it displays “connect failed”. I do not understand. I tried to change settings but could not make it work. Please help


    i am using 4 compuer with networking system. when i connect in our one pc data card for internet use , the data card is showing connect but not any site open . i used ip address
    in our all system different ip as 15, 16 , 17, 18

    pls solve my problem

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