Convert Pictures Into Pencil Sketch Or Cartoon Online

Round the planet there are various types of people each having various types of hobbies. Among them a very common hobby found in people is that of photography. People who fall in this category want to make their captured photos to be designed in various ways, some want them in an artistic pencil sketch view while others may want to convert those photos into a cartoon mode.

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For them here we come with a very easy solution that can be done online absolutely free of cost. To learn the process just read on.

The detailed layout lies below :

First of all we are going to discuss how to convert a picture into a pencil sketch.

How to Convert Pictures into Pencil Sketch

There are multiple tools available in the world of web for you to reach to your aim. We shall discuss each one of them step by step.


1. By use of Dumpr-photo pencil sketch : Once you navigate to the page of Dumpr-photo pencil sketch you will notice an option to select the photo (you want to pencil sketch) from your computer. Just go to  “Browse” option to select the image and once you have done it click on “Continue“.


A process will be started  displaying a message “uploading image“. When finished you will see “Done!! Here we go!!!“. Your image is ready and is according to your requirement.


2. By tjshome-online image converter : This is also another tool that can do you your job quite easily and quickly. Here also in the lower side of the page you will find an option saying “Choose your picture” and a “Browse” option to select your image. Once if you have done it you will have to click on the option ” Submit “.


After you complete the process your converted image will be shown to you.


3. BeFunky : This tool is yet another addition to the list of options that you can choose. When you get into this page you find in the right top corner an option called “upload ” and there another option “upload from PC“. Once you have given the image the processing starts and after the completion of the ongoing process your ready image will be displayed.


Now we will deal with the idea of converting photos into the corresponding cartoon.

How to convert photos into corresponding cartoon


This idea is also common masses interested in photography. This very job can also be performed online without help of software like Photoshop and others. Using an online photo manipulation application we can convert our photos and pictures into cartoon giving them a cool and comedy look. We will use Befunky for this job of ours.

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To do this, first of all, we have to go to the Befunky application page and then navigate to the “cartoonizer” option. Then upload the photo you want to cartoonize from your computer by the process described above. As soon as you select your picture the uploading process begins. This uploading process may take a while to complete. When totally uploaded you can see your picture on the screen. Now you can easily cartoonize your picture by a click on any of the options that come after you click on cartoonizer. This process may also take some time but after completion you will get what you wanted.


Feel free to share your words with us.

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  1. N Waff :

    Great article pointing to some useful tool.

    The exception is that I couldn’t possibly see how tjshome-online image converter can produce the results displayed.

  2. Tanmay :

    @N Waff: Thanks for dropping your comments here. Don’t mind, can you explain exactly what is your problem? Actually I could not understand what you was trying to say.

  3. N Waff :

    You show a beautiful picture of a sketch of a woman but there’s no way the tool can produce a rendering like that.

  4. Tanmay :

    From the home page choose the “Black & White” or the “Sketch” option.

  5. N Waff :

    Thanks for the reply. I just took her color picture, resized it to the sketch size and ran it through It produces a nice image but does not produce that sketch image.

  6. Tanmay :

    Find out the “Sketch” option. It will definitely do that you want.

    • N Waff :

      Tried both ‘Black & White” and “Sketch”

      • bhoomika :

        I like the picture in which the boy is plying with guitar.

  7. Deepak :

    The tjshome-online image converter is not working!

  8. vikas :

    There is a website where you can simply convert your photo to sketch or painting or B&W with different colors maintaining the actual size. And that is totally free!!

    • ishan :

      There is a website where you can simply convert your photo to sketch or painting or drawing or B&W with different colors with maintaining actual size..
      And that is totally free……

  9. vishal karthik :

    Please change my image into cartoon.

  10. Tanmay :

    Thanks Deepak for the good words.

  11. Nazzie :

    I used, and converted my photo into drawing. I love it!

  12. Kaviul nijhum :

    Capture your picture in a camera and sketch it here in this website. The best ever image sketching website is in front of you.

  13. karthikmunsu :

    Thanks but I could not find out the sketch options. So, please guide me to make the photo to a cartoon.

  14. scott :

    I tried the Dumpr-photo pencil sketch I saved the picture of the boy. Edited out his cartoon myself and uploaded it their in website. The results were not even close to what your image portrayed at

  15. irshad ali :

    I like cartoons and I wanna change my pic in cartoon.

  16. aphrodi :

    Wow!! Really nice, I was looking for something like that. That’s why I can make my own photos to a sketch type made by pencil.

  17. webdesign :

    Be funky is really awesome!

  18. Prabhu :

    Black and white sketch is nice.

  19. Ink TattooArt :

    Nice Like This Pics! Good One Man! Nice Post!

  20. Punom :

    Thanks for all. I tried both ‘Black & White” and “Sketch.

  21. Derek :

    If you’re looking for a manual, professional job you can check out

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