Convert Mp3 Into Karaoke by Using BLyric Mimer

Karaoke today has really become a world wide famous and a very demanding phenomenon since the invention of the Karaoke machine in the Philippines in the decade of the 1980’s. The love for music among the generally masses has grown at such a huge rate with special emphasis on the songs with good lyrics that the demand for Karaoke is even moving further ahead with great pace.

But the Karaoke machines really are very huge and bulky and hence it becomes tedious to carry it along. To overcome this problem we are here to help out those Karaoke lovers by letting them know a simple procedure to make a close at hand and convenient karaoke system only by using your MP3s along with the B Lyrics Mimer software. This specified program synchronizes a MP3 song also along with its lyrics. In due result it gives a very adaptable and accessible Karaoke on your computer as output.

Relatively, the B Lyrics Mimer is a freeware version easy to use following simpler installation.Click on the following link to get it.

In the link given above you will find two setup links, one being a ZIP file and the other a RAR file. You can choose any of them according to your wish and download the one of your choice. After downloading the setup file install it into your machine and then run the software. the main interface should look somewhat like the one shown below :

Now we shall start with the actual procedure with the target of fulfilling our objective. In the window that opens up first you will see an option named “Make lyrics”. Clicking on this option is the first and foremost job.

Next what opens up is the “lyrics maker” window.

Here you are to provide with the lyrics of the song that you desire to Karaoke. Search the lyrics for that song in the search engine of your choice and download it. Next in the lyrics maker window navigate to the “lyrics editor ” option and from the “open” option select the lyric that you just downloaded in the lyrics box as depicted. After completing with the above click “Save”.

Now you should return to the “lyric maker” window and there navigate to the option “open”. Then choose the song that you desire in your Karaoke system.

What lies ahead is to choose the song’s corresponding lyric file which you have already saved earlier.

The application will inquire you whether you really have  a translated lyrics of that particular song.This is applicable only if your selected song is from foreign and you too need to see its translated version texts. Relative to this example, we’ll tap the ” No” tab.

Having done with the above you can find a option “Start making lyrics” and when you click on the option the song starts to play automatically.

The solitary thing that remains for you to perform is to synchronize the texts of the lyrics according to the song that is being played. You can perform  this by tapping on the Next line Tab.

After you have finished with the synchronizing just click the “Stop making lyrics” button.

Your new Karaoke has been created. To view your latest creation just click on “Open” and select the MP3 file.

This would play the user preferred song and display the corresponding lyrics in the Normal lyrics box. In order to get the real enthusiastic taste of what a karaoke really is you have to click the “Full screen” button.

You are done with your job. Now enjoy a portable Karaoke.

Download B Lyrics Mimer software.

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    i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people `

  2. Electric Griddle :

    me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing ‘*~

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