Combine Windows Live Hotmail With your Gmail or Yahoo Account

Recently, Hotmail has added a new feature to their service that allows you to use the Hotmail email service with any email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Google apps and other email service accounts. This service is as much similar as Microsoft Outlook. As you can associate that with any email, you can combine Hotmail email address with Gmail or Yahoo.

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No matter, if your Hotmail account is old or new. This service has been introduced in all versions of Hotmail. To check out the service you will have to just sign-in to your Hotmail account and connect that with your existing Gmail, Yahoo or Google apps account.

After successful validation and connection of your accounts with the Hotmail account, you can import emails from your Yahoo or Gmail accounts in that Hotmail account via POP. There is another interesting feature of that service that you can send emails from your Gmail account directly from the Windows live Hotmail inbox account without signing into Gmail accounts.

You can utilize this feature for various purpose. As for example, you can use the Hotmail inbox as a backup of your Gmail or Yahoo emails. You can also avoid opening of your important Gmail or yahoo addresses at public places like Cybercafe, School, Colleges etc reading those mails from Hotmail account. [Via Windowsteamblog].

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  1. CVH :

    It is better to backup gmail or hotmail or yahoo to desktop rather then in any cloud. is for that.

    video –

  2. robin :

    i am trying to connect my facebook friends with my hotmail but it just doesnt do anything. it comes up saying “youve almost finished. simply finish the blaa blaa blaaa” with a little picture at the side but i cant see what it is, it says i need to finish the steps facebook needed to connect but it doesnt tell me what to do and nothing has come up on my facebook..please help me

  3. Mohammed jamilu :

    Happy new year 2 all my friends

  4. Pearl :

    Hotmail is probably the most well-known free e-mail services besides AOL and Google, and many men and women try to find their buddies from the system.
    What exactly do you want to create for yourself regarding abundance.
    Ask a lot of questions, notice the way the person writes and pay attention.

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