Automatically Add Social Media Share Buttons In Blogger Template

There is a good news for you blogger guys. According to some sources Google is going to make many changes in the Blogspot blogs. The recent addition of the official team in Blogspot blog template is Social media sharing buttons which includes the popular social media sharing icons like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Buzz and Blogger.

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Adding the the social media sharing buttons in the post template you can help your readers to easily share the important article among their followers and friends. Before the addition of the automatic facility you had to add the social media share buttons in the blogspot template manually. But now you can add the Facebook, Twitter etc icons automatically in the template.

How to add the Social media button in the blogger template

To add the Facebook, Twitter, Email, Buzz and Blogger buttons in your blogger template log-in to your blogger account. Then you need to click on “Design” and then the “Edit” link of the Blog Post section. This will open the “Configure Blog Post” window.

Check in the box labeled as “Show share buttons”.

Obviously this facility will help to make your post available for sharing in the social media. This addition is helpful  especially to those who are not so familiar with the template coding and designing. Thanks Harsh.


  1. Harsh Agrawal :

    Thanks for this post and sharing about it to your readers and linking back. Appreciate it.. :)

  2. Tanmay :

    Welcome Harsh. Nice to see you here.

  3. led :

    how to add other icon like delicisou or digg to blogger?

    • Tanmay :

      Then you have to edit the blogger template manually.

  4. Gaurav N :

    The official Blogger sharing buttons are also available now. follow which shows how to enable them at the correct place. on top right of the post

  5. chris :


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