ReOpen: A cool Application to Reopen The Recently Closed Folders And Programs

If you use to work with many folders and applications in Windows 7 or XP then it is very common case that you would have accidentally closed any folder which you don’t want to do so. If the folder location is so deeper  in your windows file system then it is annoying to open that folder again.

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Again suppose you are working with some program and you have closed a program accidentally. You can still rerun to the program just by pressing a hot-key.

Reopen is a handy tool that comes to rescue from both of the cases. Reopen is a tiny utility and easy to use. Just download it and unzip any where you want and run the application. It resides in the system tray which takes about 2-5 MB memory. After running the application middle click in the empty area of your desktop to view the latest list of recently closed folder or programs. The last closed folder or program list may also be opened by the shortcut key shift + pause (by default), You can chose it as your choice.


To open immediately any folder or program from the list just double click on it.

Download Reopen

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  1. koti :

    it is nice to reopen .exe files…..i am unable to open folders
    …. Thanq

  2. koti :

    oh…. sorry.. it is working properly….. but it need manual staring when system stars…

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