Anonymously Send Secret Self-Destructing Messages & Emails

Gone are the days when communication between two individuals or institutions were limited to hand written posts and other obsolete means of transmitting information. With the advancement in global web technology Email or “Electronic Mail” has come into the limelight as the mode for communication in today’s generation. Be it any business concern, or online tasks, emails have become the utmost necessity in the day to day life of people around the globe. For their one-click ease of access, lightning speed and security, emails are now arguably the most trusted method of communication.

The advancement of technology also opened the door for the hackers. They go around with various techniques to hack your email account. They can even hijack your secret emails on the way before they reach to the recipients. But, again the technological advancement lets you to send secret emails anonymously. You can even make your message self-destructing.

Why send a Self-Destructing Email?

However, even the best has some drawbacks. Mails send by a user are stored in the mailbox of the recipient. Now, if the recipients mail account is hacked, all the mails he has received are openly accessible to the hacker. Secret and private messages all not always protected. They can be read, and even tampered upon.

A solution to this dilemma is to send a self-destructing email containing the private message to the recipient. Once, the recipient opens the mail, it stays for a specific amount of time that is fixed by the sender, and then it destructs all by itself, removing any trace of the message sent. Such a mail can be viewed only once, thus even hacking the mail account isn’t going to enable the hacker to view the secret message once more.

The sender remains anonymous and hence no back-tracing of the email is possible by anyone. It is recommended that the sender reveals his identity in the mail itself, so that the recipient has no trouble recognizing him. This also protects the identity of the sender since the mail self-destructs after a fixed period of time.

[Tip : Use a temporary email address that dissolves automatically after 60 minutes.]

How to send a Self-Destructing Email : is a online free email sending provider that enables a user to send anonymous self-destructing private or secret emails to a recipient the user wishes to send. Unlike other providers, does not require you to sign-up or register. As mentioned above, the process of sending such mails are to ensure that no one except the recipient wished for should be able to view the message.

Steps to send a self-destructing email via are listed below :

1. Navigate to the homepage of .

Self-destructing message

2. On the right hand side of the homepage, firstly choose to send a email or to generate a link to your message. Choosing to send an email directly sends a link to the message to the recipient’s mailbox, while choosing to generate a link creates a link to your message. You can send this link to your wished recipient via any instant messenger or by an email.

create self-destructing email

3. Specify a time period for which the mail can be viewed by the recipient. As soon the recipient opens the message by clicking on the link, the timer start to countdown to zero. When the timer reaches zero, the mail destructs timeof the email

4.Write your message in the space given. Then click on “Create Message”. This results in the creation of a link to message just written.

create self-destracting message

5. Enter the recipient’s email address. The link created will be sent to this mail address. Click on “Send Message” to complete the task.send secret self-destructing email anonymously

A conformational message appears indicating that the message has been sent to the recipient.

Viewing the Sent Self-Destructing Message:

The recipient receives the email as any other normal email in his mailbox. The mail, when viewed, is seen to contain a link, which when clicked upon, navigates to show the message to the recipient. The mail also states that the message can be viewed only once.

reading self-destructing messages

As soon as the message is viewed by clicking on the link, a timer starts overhead, counting down to zero. The timer starts from the time specified by the sender.

As soon as the timer reaches zero, the message destructs automatically.

Once the message is viewed and it destructs, it cannot be viewed a second time. This ensures the importance and privacy of the message. If the message is failed to be viewed within 90 days, it is deleted automatically. Self-destructing messages are the latest add of advancement in the field of web technology – more secure, easier and of-course enthralling.

Tip : How to share email address without risk of being spammed.

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  1. ARTHUR :


  2. Art Hill :

    1. Is there a way I can send emails from MY address rather than from YOURS? (If it goes to recipient with YOUR name they won't even open it lest they fear it be malware, virus, etc.

    2. Does my self-destructing email have to include YOUR words (A friend (or foe?) sent you a self-destructing message. You have one chance to read it.)? Again, I don't want this to appear.


  3. Josh :

    That is a problem, I agree with Art Hill above.. Nobody is going to open a message from someone they don’t know..?

    I use a similar service called tempnote[dot]com. This way you can send your message however method you wish.. Via SMS, instant messenger etc..

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