8 Very Essential Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

The intriguing experience of  Windows 7 users is really praiseworthy. Such an operating system has long been in demand by users worldwide despite the global release of Windows Vista. The evolution of Windows Vista in the market brought a new dimension in the use of gadgets. With proper usage of adequate gadgets at perfect time, work becomes simpler and easier. But the development of gadgets down the genre has really been a slow procedure. Such an operating system(Vista) with minimal amount of gadget provision reveals a poor story showing no Visual Studio, no drag and drop interface.

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Windows 7 also reveals the same story, even a poorer one this time. Windows 7 Beta contains only Media Center  as an additional gadget, all other continuing from Vista. This really puts the curiosity of all overwhelming widows 7 users at stake.

Here, at Tech-Tips-Geek, we dawn upon you some special 5 Must Have Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7. Of course other gadgets are used too, but their wide usage and versatile implementation is known to all.

1. Remote Desktop Gadget

Remote desktop gadget privileges a Windows 7 user to connect remotely to other computers on a specified network that has been created. Remote Desktop connection Client is used to achieve this purpose of remote computing connectivity. It lends an admirable helping hand to Microsoft desktop Connection Client.

2. Blue Calendar for Windows 7

One of the  recent additions in the cool Windows 7 look is the Blue Calender gadget. The original Microsoft Calendar has been modified by Rapha2 over Devianart to crucially match the characteristics of Windows 7 with a significant bluish touch enhancing the wavy outlook. Download this astonishing gadget.

3. Twadget-The Twitter Gadget

Twitter-the most famous social networking site is on every one’s lip nowadays. The inception of Twadget adds a new versatile dimension specially for Windows 7 and Vista users on twitter. This gadget, being simple to use boosts up really the availability of a technically sound gadget meeting demands from users all over worldwide. Sending and receiving all sorts of tweets from your friends right from your desktop is enabled by this wonderful “Twadget”. Daily Twitter users would find this tool immensely helpful. To get this on your machine, download Twadget-The Twitter Gadget.

4. Search bar

Implication of the name itself satisfies your curiosity about the topic. This gadget is also a really helpful one to be looked down upon. A neat and tidy search bar enabling you to search web via Google, Yahoo or live search, it is truly one of the most important gadget to be used and relied upon. Download cream 5 search gadgets.

5. Windows live-“What’s New”

Wanna be informed about the latest technological advancements of the web world? Try this!! Not only this you are always kept informed about all your activities from your friends on any social networking site right from your desktop. The What’s New Sidebar gadget thus prove to be extremely useful and handy to the users. Uploading photos, changing status all can be viewed at a single click from your desktop. Be sure not to judge this gadget by its looks but by its applications and services rendered. you are sure to get an affirmative report. To download this gadget, please click here to download from Windows Live Gallery.

6. Power packed Image Re-sizer

What’s your need of the hour? To re-size images! Well, there is an easy solution for this. Right click on single or multiple images on Windows Explorer and re-size your image according to your preference.4 options are available:

Small – 640*480 ; Medium – 800*600; Large – 1024*768; Handheld Pc – 240*320.

This tool is more commonly called the Image Re-sizer Powertoy Clone. Not only the above 4 options are available But also custom sizes are also allowed to be created bu users. Download this free utility: Extremely helpful and power-packed in its usage.

7. System Monitor Gadget

This system Monitor Gadget for Windows 7( also Vista) is a stand alone example of sheer class. This gadget,to its best, is a multifunctional one, not only depicting CPU usage( quad core) and RAM usage but also enables you to be informed about Battery,Time and even a Configurable wireless network monitor.Use this and be a an exclusive user of this sheer pack of brilliance. The system monitor gadget can be downloaded and installed from Windows Live Gallery.

8. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

The aristocratic radar display and the wavy bluish look of this gadget makes it apt for appropriate usage. Once you download and install this gadget you may find it extremely helpful to track your extent of wireless connectivity coverage. This distinguishing interface really helps you to observe wireless network connections, their potential and  enables you to be informed about all this. Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget.

Go out!! check yourself with these advanced gadgets.

Download the  Essential Desktop Gadgets Pack.

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