Charge Mobile Phones Through Body Motion using AMPY

If you were to be in a building that caught fire, the first thing you would grab before you left would be your smart phone. It has probably every minute detail about your life and keeping that around you is just so important! How about all those times that you ran out of battery, or […]


Tips to Disable Integrated Webcam in Windows 10

Beware laptop and PC users as hackers are on the prowl! It is a misconception that only email accounts can be hacked. Almost everything on your laptop or PC comes under threat if some hacker manages to get access to your system. This problem arises with new Operating Systems like Windows 8 or Windows 10 […]


How to Adapt Android Lollipop Version Over Older Android Phones

Android Lollipop is a new version of Android which is under the developing zone of Google. It’s a known fact that Android occupies a massive fame in the mobile world. Though all Android users will not be able to upgrade to the newer version but it may make you happy to know that the newer […]


Steps to Disable iMessage Service using iMessage Deregister tool

Apple devices are pretty addictive and it is hard to find people who go for non-Apple devices after being an avid iPhone user for few years. However, there are different circumstances under which you would find several Apple users having to use non-Apple smartphones as well. The reason could be anything ranging from cost-cutting (Apple […]


Understanding Captioning Subtitling and Translation Features of Vimeo

Even though YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform all over the world, websites like Vimeo have managed to hold their own in the online video sharing space. It is believed that majority of Vimeo users are mostly US citizens as it is a New-York based company. So, even though Vimeo is pretty similar […]


Popular Feedback Requests in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Have you installed the Windows 10 OS Technical Preview yet? I am sure the answer is “Yes” for several PC users out there. Even though the official release of Windows 10 is scheduled for mid 2015, the availability of Windows 10 Technical Preview has enabled us to check out the probably features of Windows 10 […]


Send Self Destructing Video Messages with Skype Qik Video Messaging App

It would be hard to come across any internet user or PC user who hasn’t heard about Skype. For years, it has been the go-to software or app for making long distance free calls (including video calling) through PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets. However, when SnapChat video messaging application was growing in popularity, Skype seemed […]


How to Install Android Lollipop Recent Apps Menu Through Fancy Switcher App

All the Android Kitkat fans have found a new attraction in the form of the latest Android OS i.e. Android 5.0 Lollipop. There have been pretty rave reviews about the material design of Android 5.0 due to its amazingly beautiful transitioning animations as well as new menus. One can check out the features of Lollipop […]


Calltag: An App to Send SMS to Contact Before Dialing

Have you encountered a situation where you are trying to call someone for business purpose and the person didn’t answer your call because of not having your phone number stored? Similarly, I have faced a situation wherein my phone’s battery died and I tried calling my wife urgently using a colleague’s phone. Only to have […]


Solutions for Frequent OS X Yosemite Problems or Issues

OS X Yosemite is the latest Mac Operating System that Apple device users have been waiting for a long time. Mac users have the option to upgrade to OS X 10.10 Yosemite or get a completely fresh installation done. There are plenty of tutorials available online to ensure a smooth download of Yosemite on your […]